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Shang-Chi 2 Release Date Update

Shang-Chi 2 Release Date Update & Plot Rumors Sound Insane

With Marvel officially announcing dates for phase five and phase six, and then already moving around some of the release dates that didn’t have film slots attached to them,

Shang-Chi 2 Release Date Update

 there are already many questions of what is going to go where and is there going to be inevitable delays. So with that in mind, mind, let’s talk about why most people believe that the new September 6 of 2024 date is in fact for Shung Shi Two and not Deadpool Three.

So I will say that I am still in the corner of September 6 being Deadpool Three and Shanghai coming out sometime else. But who knows? Maybe some of these people taking the guess are correct.

 Or maybe they know something, or maybe not. We don’t really know. The only thing I’ve seen is people saying, well, the first chunk sheet came out in September, so it works. Here. Again,

 I don’t get that logic because it came out in September. Because that’s the film that they were willing to push out as their first, biggest post-ponedemic Disney film. Right. Again, Black Widow had that weird thing going on with it.

This was like, no, we’re committed. This is theaters only. We’re going to see what happens. I think I made the mistake of saying that they were the first to try.

 I meant first for Disney Studio. Does that make sense? Anyways, they did it. I don’t think it necessarily means that the film has to stay in the same spot. If that was the case, then Thor would have come out in November again,

and not come out in the middle of the summer.

 Do you see what I’m saying? So to me, it doesn’t make sense. But if people believe that this is where it’s going to go, that might work. Maybe they’re going to have Dustin Daniel direct Shanghai and go directly into directing the Gang Dynasty,

which comes out some seven-eight months after, which could realistically be it. I’m not saying it’s not. I just don’t know how they’re going to do, and I don’t think anybody does. But now talking about this whole September 6, 2024 date, we’re hearing some more things.

Shang-Chi 2 Release Date Update

And again, this is just people saying they’ve heard things. Who knows if it’s true or not? I’m inclined to believe none of it’s true because they just recently hired a writer. So how do these people have the inside knowledge?

 But they’re saying that this is directly going to connect to the Gang Dynasty in a crazy way, which to me doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t I mean, the film literally has a trademark called The Wreckage of Time. So naturally,

it has to tie into the multiverse saga, which all of it is building up to be. Kang caused everything. He’s the problem in everything.

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 So we got to take care of it. So to me, yeah, that kind of checks out. One crazy rumor somebody stated is that King is going to be a very formidable foe who makes Thanos look like a trump. 

That doesn’t make sense, because Tang isn’t about throwing punches. He’s about using weapons. So again, pick what you want to believe or what you choose to believe out here. 

It might be coming out in September, might be coming out a little bit after that, which I believe is going to be sandwiched in between the two Avengers films. But I guess we’ll find out soon. But if that’s the case,

 then where does it leave Deadpool three? Is Deadpool Three going to take three years to make? That’s why I question everything.


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