Sandberg the director of the upcoming Shazam Two

Sandberg the director of the upcoming Shazam Two

Sandberg the director of the upcoming Shazam Two

David F. Sandberg, the director of the upcoming Shazam Two, aka Shazam Fury of the Gods, recently tackled some of the criticism in relation to the film, specifically things matching up some of the lackluster visual effects, I guess, and also some of the continuity errors. So let’s talk about that.

Sandberg the director of the upcoming Shazam Two

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So there’s been plenty of criticism talking Fury of the Gods. If you look at some of the trailers and TV spots, you’re going to notice that they’re mirroring some shots. 

And this has been a giant complaint, people saying that there’s continuity errors. Sandberg decided to answer somebody’s complaints and things people were saying by saying for a continuity sake in the trailer, you kind of have to do it like that and mirror some shots because the way that the shot plays out, 

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the way that it looks, has to make sense. So, for example, if a character turns their head and looks to the left, the next thing you see should be moving to the left. If it moves to the right, it breaks continuity and your brain subliminally will pick up on something being wrong. 

There’s a couple of scenes like this in the dark night during the underground tunnel chase that really stick out to me. When you pay attention to it, you’ll go, oh, I see it. The camera doesn’t really flow. That’s why they do this in trailers,

because trailers are cut differently. So that’s what he tackled. Some of the other stuff that’s also there is like the lackluster visual effects that people are pointing out, which at this point we’ve talked about this, the industry is overworked, so that’s kind of a given. 

I’m not going to slack them for it, blame them for it or whatever. It’s just how it is today. And honestly, it is unfortunate, but some of the scenes are going to be a little lackluster and lack some of the finesse and finished effects because they’re just like that.

Sandberg the director of the upcoming Shazam Two 

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Also, Shazam is a cheaper film compared to some of the other stuff. And the first one, if you go back and watch it now, some of those special effects, especially when he’s flying, they look like they belong on a CW. And that’s, again, due to the budget and time constraints and who you’re hiring and when Marvel Studios and Disney have hired everybody and they’re paying the most, even though it’s still cheap, you got to go with the next best. And sometimes

it’s not the best. So it is what it is. Whatever the case is, though, we’ll see what happens and we’ll judge the film based on its quality when it’s out, not released trailers that obviously are cut differently.

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