Director of the Flash Andy Mushetti offers up an update on the Flash's effect

Response to the Official Trailer of The Flash Film

Response to the Official Trailer of The Flash Film

Alright guys, it’s time to talk about the Flash trailer, which of course debuted during the Super Bowl, or at least the TV spot. And then the trailer hit the internet. So I’ll go over my thoughts in regards to it and what I thought, the general feel and what they’re going for.

Okay, so most of you know how this works can’t show anything because WB so right here there’ll be one image. There we go. Now let’s talk about the actual trailer and what I thought of it. Obviously, this film is steeped in all sorts of controversy, let’s put it that way.

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 And again, I’m not going to talk about that here because we’re here to just talk about the trailer, the Ezra stuff that’s elsewhere. Obviously we’ll talk about that when it’s time and whether it’s going to impact this. I’m here to just talk about the trailer. 

Response to the Official Trailer of The Flash Film
Response to the Official Trailer of The Flash Film
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And right from the start you can see that this feels like it’s a different film. Now, I don’t know if that’s because of some requirements and things that James Gunn has done since he got there, since we know they’re re editing the film and removing pieces. And again, trailers are not really the final product, but I thought here that there’s a good build up and a good sense of hype, good sense of anticipation that they’re going for and trying to build up the whole fact that, hey, this is our multiverse of madness, right? 

That’s kind of what they’re going for here. And I honestly appreciate the way that they’re kind of approaching the marketing for this where you can see clear as day that the closer we get to this thing, that Batman is all front and center because they know Batman is their biggest money maker, so naturally that’s going to happen. But also it’s the whole key in effect with the nostalgia. 

And I think that’s very much in this trailer. Again, yeah, they’re pushing the Flash, but you can see what they’re going for even with that first poster. And what I really like here is that you get a sense of this is the start of the marketing and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

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 And that’s sort of what the trailer does as well. It’s picking up speed, no pun intended, and then it gets to that and you’re like, yeah, okay, I’m in as a fan, I’m in. Now again, how people are going to react when it comes to the bigger picture, if they do, what happens

if there’s a relapse or something. Again, that could all affect this, but I think what I’m seeing here looks better than most DC things recently. And again, they have a great director on board with this. So I think a lot of people expected this. So overall, I thought it was a pretty good trailer. 

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Now just see what happens next and when does marketing kick off into full gear and how big is it going to be because I think this one’s got to be big for WB, because the last couple of films that they hinged everything on were bombs. So this might be an important summer film just looking at it and how much money they already put into the Super Bowl spot alone.

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