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New Spider-Man and Venom Series Announced

New Spider-Man and Venom Series Announced

If you like Spiderman and you’re interested in watching all of your favorite Spidermen in one place, well, Disney after a long wait, is going to have you covered for the most part. So let’s talk about the big announcement of the original Raimi trilogy, the Amazing Spiderman duology Venom, and Spiderman Homecoming all coming to Disney plus you so they won’t all be dropping at once, which again is understandable. 

Q.New Spider-Man and Venom Series Announced

And when it comes to worldwide, different regions are going to get them at different times. For example, the original Venom was already available in some international places just because of the deals there and distribution.

New Spider-Man and Venom Series AnnouncedNew Spider-Man and Venom Series Announced
New Spider-Man and Venom Series Announced
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 But now in the United States, at least, all three of the original films, the Amazing Spiderman and of course, the first Venom on top of Spiderman Homecoming, which is coming in a little bit next month with the original Venom will be available over the course of the next couple of weeks. Starting tomorrow, though, Toby McGuire’s trilogy, of course, directed

by Sam Raimi and Mark Webb, the Amazing Spiderman trilogy will be available on the streaming service. Now, this is important. And if you guys remember all those years back, I made a video talking about how this was going to happen. A lot of people didn’t believe me.

 And I was saying, guys, I’ve looked at some of the things that are being said. I looked at some of the things that I’ve been told by my sources. Disney wants this. This is what they want. Anything Marvel in one place. So this is finally becoming a reality. 

Now, of course, there are going to be cases where some of these films are probably removed at some point in the next couple of years because of old deals because sometimes these distribution deals are signed and they’re for like 15 years. I mean, it just happens, which is why you still have Disney films on HBO, for example, and vice versa. But this is how you diversify your portfolio. And it makes sense that Marvel is especially after a thing like this in regard to

getting everything Marvel under one umbrella, because we see what the goal is here. 

When you think of Marvel, you want to think of Disney. When you think Disney, they want you to think Marvel. And when you think of anything superhero, they kind of want you to go, yeah, you know what? If it’s Marvel related, it’s probably on Disney. Plus it’s another step towards it. Venom, let there be carnage.

 It’s a different story. The distribution deals for that were way more complex, let’s put it that way. But it will be here eventually in the US. As well. Now what happens with no way home and Spiderman far from home? Well, that’s also a complicated distribution deal. But make no mistake about it, they will be here, just not yet.

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