Michael Keaton batsuits from Batman time. Between the events of Batman Returns and the Flash

Michael Keaton batsuits from Batman time. Between the events of Batman Returns and the Flash

If you were hoping to get a good look at all of Michael Keaton’s batsuits from Batman’s time. Between the events of Batman Returns and the Flash, the good news is Hot Toys has provided us exactly what we want. So let’s talk about all of these impressive suits.

I honestly did not expect to see this, but I am glad we are getting it. And the worst thing about this is since it is Hot Toys, either it goes two ways. One, they’re actually going to produce a figure based on every one of these suits, 

which would be absolutely amazing, or path number two, where they show it off, we’re going to get maybe two of them and then never see the light of day for the rest of them.

Michael Keaton batsuits from Batman time. Between the events of Batman Returns and the Flash

And this is just a tease because that’s what Hot Toys does a lot of times. Either way, though, let’s look at all of these suits. So first up, all the way on the left, we got a very interesting looking gray and black suit.

Once again, you can tell that the logo is very much prominent on there. And it almost reminds me of a more classic throwback logo on his chest. The suit is a little bit more bulkier and also baggier.

On him, we see that he’s packing a gun holster and a gun, which is pretty crazy right there. I’m assuming it’s obviously not a gun gun. This is probably a Grapple gun.But still, it’s kind of cool. How it’s right there, holstered literally in like a shoulder holster. After that, we got my absolute favorite one.

This is the well, it’s an evolution of the 89 suit, but you see the blue on there. And I absolutely love this. I just think it looks really great.

And overall, it gives it a really good different vibe than the all of them. And since I really love the blue on a Batsuit, this is my favorite right here. Now we’re going to take a bit of a wider shot.

In the middle, we got the suit that’s in the film, but if you look behind him, we got two more suits. To me, even though we can’t see them, I believe that this is the Batman Returns and Batman 89 suits behind him. And I just think that they are like exact matches, one to one.

Just by looking at the cowl, the way the cape comes with it, the seams on the cowl. To me, that’s what it looks like. So I don’t know.

We can’t fully see them, but I believe it is especially if you look at the abline on the one that’s on the right and then the one that’s on the left, you could see that it’s almost perfect matches. After that, we’re going to look at what I can only explain as a scuba sonar suit, maybe a gas suit. I don’t know.

Maybe he’s faced Scarecrow in this universe already. And this is kind of a suit that fights against it, but it’s pretty bulky. I’m not a big fan of the bulky suits, but I really like what they went for here and how armored up it is.

And last up, we got the I guess let’s call it the Nightmare Michael Keaton suit, which looks pretty awesome as well. I like this armored up look a lot more than the last one. I’ll be real with you guys.

I just think it works here a lot better, especially because you can see, like, the rivets and everything and how it was sort of, I guess, slapped together with different pieces of armor. But I think it looks absolutely incredible. So there it is, guys.

That is a look at all of our suits. What do you guys think? Which one do you want to see the most explored further? If we were to get more, apparently we were supposed to get more in batgirl like, two suits, but, hey, we’ll never see that now. And also, which one do you guys think you’re going to own? If you’re going to be buying any of them from hot toys, I’m going for that blue.

I need that desperately. And I’m probably going to get another one as well outside, obviously the middle one, probably. If they do the Nightmare suit that’s coming to my house.

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