MCU Confirms the Arrival of Multiple Ghost Riders

MCU Confirms the Arrival of Multiple Ghost Riders

MCU Confirms the Arrival of Multiple Ghost Riders

Multiple years now, rumors have been swirling that we would be seeing Ghost Rider on Disney Plus or show up in some MCU projects. And now sounds like we are closer than ever before and that we’re not just going to be getting one Ghost Rider, but multiple different incarnations will be appearing.

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Okay, so you’re probably saying, but, I mean, how many Ghost Riders can there possibly be? And the answer is yes. I am not kidding you when I say if Marvel wanted to, and I don’t understand why Sony didn’t when they had the rights. You can make an entire Ghost Rider cinematic universe.

 I mean, Ghost Riders have been around literally since, like, just about the beginning of humans on Earth. Like, that’s a thing. That’s very much a thing. Trust me. Want to see a Ghost Rider riding a flaming wooly mammoth? Yeah. Marvel’s got you. 

MCU Confirms the Arrival of Multiple Ghost Riders
MCU Confirms the Arrival of Multiple Ghost Riders
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So according to some reports, this is the route that Marvel is going to take. They’re not really sure which Ghost Rider is going to resonate the best or the most with fans. So why not just introduce ghost riders? Because, well, one, they don’t get their powers the same way. Two, there’s a ton of different ones, as I just told you.

 Three, there’s also very different types of characters that embody the Ghost Rider body and who the host is. So you can really angle this in a different direction. 

And also you could deal with the whole idea of the curse of the Ghost Rider and kind of dealing with the ramifications of it, having to find a new host, maybe keeping some elements of it, using the multiverse, whatever you will. It’s honestly pretty easy to do it.

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 And in my opinion, if you were to do a special based on Ghost Rider, if you do two to three riders in there kind of fighting for maybe supremacy or something like that, that’s a very cool angle. And also having one that’s maybe directly influenced by the Fisto since he’s coming to the MCU, could kind of be like the evil one, but then the others are trying to maybe find their peace with their inner demon and fight the curse.

 There’s a lot that you can do with it and with multiple riders, which is why I think it’s taking so much time because people think that Ghost Rider is one dimensional and realistically. Johnny Blaze is probably the most guilty of that. But again, you have Alejandra, you have Robbie, you have Danny, and that’s like the notable ones. 

You could also do a period piece, one, if you want, go back to the Old West, do a little bit of a different story that would be really interesting, and let somebody flex their muscles in a unique style of a little Ghost Rider story set in some backwards Old West town in the 18 hundreds. 

You could really use something there. And then jump forward and show us a new Ghost Rider or two. Maybe even split the curse. I think that would be, honestly, an interesting angle to take in the MCU. 

Whatever they do, though, it definitely sounds like everybody’s saying multiple riders are going to be showing up. So whoever they are, I’m excited. I personally hope they split the difference. One male, one female. Because why not?

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