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Marvel’s NEW Kang Story will be Most Important to the MCU

Marvel’s NEW Kang Story will be Most Important to the MCU

By now, everybody should know that Marvel Studios uses Marvel Comics to test out various things that they might be doing in the future.

Marvel's NEW Kang Story will be Most Important to the MCU

 We’ve seen this with countless costume changes and storylines that end up dropping hints of what’s to come. So let’s talk about a brand new gangsta-centric comic that’s definitely going to give way to some hints of what’s coming with the Gang dynasty.

So if you’re still reading Marvel Comics or are excited about upcoming events, one-offs, or, whatever you might be excited for, chances are that you’ve seen and there’s no way you could have missed it.

 The fact that Marvel is releasing the upcoming Timeless. Now, this is going to be a gang-centric story, and it is releasing right at the end of the year on December 28. Now, Timeless will put the majority of the focus on telling an epic tale across time and space, 

focusing on Kang the Conqueror. Now, this came right after the announcement that Avengers the King Dynasty would be a thing.

 And then they waited a little bit and gave us our first look at images, and covers of what the comic is going to be like. And you can tell that there’s already some infusion of Marvel Cinematic Universe here, 

even when you look at the back and, for example, see some MCU nods or possibly even MCU mentions. Again, it’s the multiverse. So this comic exists in the MCU multiverse. It’s very important, and that much has already been stressed and explained even in previous Marvel Comics events.

 Now, what’s important about this is that this is a one shot,

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 and this one-shot is meant to explain what the future of the Marvel universe has in store for us because this will be setting up Tang as the next big bad that has a storyline that they’re now hyping up that will be released in the future. Now, 

if anybody’s picked up any Marvel Comics over the course of the last ten years, you know that they very much like to play off of what’s happening in the films and also drop a few hints of what exactly the films are going to be dealing with, 

because that’s the nature of what they do. The important thing here is when they talk about it on Is the fact that for the first time. We are going to be experiencing Kang the Conqueror with feelings they want to explore Kang as he has emotions.

 As he is more than just somebody in search of power and control of everything. And that he’s going to find himself in an unfamiliar position before we get to the next big Tang story. And again, they are positioning this as the future of the Marvel universe revealed. 

This will have implications on multiple stories and things that they have been working on that have yet to be revealed across the Marvel movie. 

So this, quite obviously, is a direct lead into what they’re going to be kind of teasing for the King Dynasty and in what ways you can expect Kang to kind of be played out differently

 if you will, and how they’re going to make the character somewhat different than various incarnations we’ve had in Marvel Comics over the course of the last few decades. So if you’re interested in seeing seeing a few hints of what’s to come, timeless will be the comic for you.

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