Will the be an Avengers 5?

Marvel Studios writer of Avengers the Kang Dynasty

Marvel Studios writer of Avengers the Kang Dynasty

Marvel Studios writer of Avengers the Kang Dynasty is teasing a massive death toll on the MCU. And no, before you get upset that they’re trying to spin it and undermine Thanos again, no, he’s not going to undermine Thanos. And no, they’re not going to try to kill even more than half the universe because they’re probably going to go even bigger. 

You know, it’s in the MCU. So far, there’s been plenty of death when it comes to main characters, the most notable, of course, being Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. And ever since then, we’ve seen characters in the multiverse and other characters get off here or there because circumstances and the story. So what happens with the Kang dynasty? Because obviously they got to make a big statement with Kang. 

Marvel Studios writer of Avengers the Kang Dynasty
Marvel Studios writer of Avengers the Kang Dynasty
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Well, Jeff Loveness told Comic Book that he’s looking at a pretty big villain in terms of the body count and the bloodthirst that comes with Kang. And he says that if that’s what fans are looking for, that they’re not going to be disappointed because he’s bringing the heat in the Kang Dynasty,

 as he says. And he again says that this is obviously an ensemble film and it’s setting up the next chapter, which obviously is The Secret Wars. 

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So things are going to be at play here. And this kind of goes all the way back to recent interviews he’s done where he said that they’re not trying to copy Thanos, but there will be seismic deaths that occur that shift the MCU in a new direction and that these are in play because they got to make a statement. And again, the villain is doing what he’s supposed to. 

Title Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty
Release Date To be announced
Studio Marvel Studios
Director To be announced
Writer To be announced
Main Cast To be announced
Villain Kang the Conqueror
Plot summary The Avengers must face their greatest challenge yet when Kang the Conqueror, a time-traveling villain, threatens to destroy the fabric of reality. To stop him, the Avengers must travel through time and space, recruiting allies and facing off against dangerous foes along the way.
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So if you really think about it, I think a couple of the Avengers are probably going to go, we keep hearing about Antman or possibly even Wasp. One or two of them probably makes a whole lot of sense. I won’t be surprised if Thor also goes because we’ve heard about that possibly retiring that character finally. And then also the multiverse is in play, right? The incursions and everything. So chances are Kangs are going to start destroying multiverses.

Marvel Studios writer of Avengers the Kang Dynasty

So in that sort of a vein and train of thought, you could just connect the dots and go, oh, wow, they’re literally going to destroy entire universes. Like, the body count is going to be way higher than Thanos’s half the existing universe as they’re going to destroy entire realities.

So, yeah, they’re going to raise the stakes up and put the pressure on the heroes, which I think is honestly exciting. I’m excited to see what happens and what they’re going to do because we see at the ending of Antman and the Wasp Three, the whole council of Kangs, they know what’s going on and they don’t want to be messed with. So they’re going to start striking back.

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