Breaking News: Marvel Studios Unleashes Epic Super Bowl Trailers - Full Report

Breaking News: Marvel Studios Unleashes Epic Super Bowl Trailers – Full Report

Marvel Studios Unleashes Epic Super Bowl Trailers

According to insiders and reports, marvel Studios and Disney are looking to spend big money and get more eyes than ever on their lineup for 2023. And allegedly, we are getting three to four Marvel Studios TV spots at the Super Bowl.

So I already talked about the fact that it’s very heavily rumored that the Marbles will have their first official reveal at the Super Bowl. Now, on top of this, we are getting way more allegedly. 

First and foremost, it sounds like that they want a big TV spot, the final push for Ant Man and the Wasp quantum Mania, and that it’s going to drop during the Super Bowl. This is sort of that. Hey, guys, you don’t want to miss this.

 This is the future right here. Don’t miss this film because it’s important to the MCU. So that’s very much seeming like that’s the big push for them in terms of the last ditch effort to push Antman as far and as wide as it’s going to reach an audience. 

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On top of this, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume three is also rumored to have a TV spot. This would honestly make sense. It’s the big Guardians blow off to the trilogy. This honestly fits. So, yeah, I see it. On top of this, Disney allegedly has some more TV spots that they’re planning trailers to release after, 

Breaking News: Marvel Studios Unleashes Epic Super Bowl Trailers - Full Report
Breaking News: Marvel Studios Unleashes Epic Super Bowl Trailers – Full Report
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but we don’t know much about them. Some people are saying one of them could be Secret Invasion and officially revealing the release date for it, which would honestly make sense considering that it’s been a while since we’ve had a Disney series. And also, there’s nothing in regards to Secret Invasion.

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 They’ve started to drop recent interviews, so this could make sense. We’re also hearing that they could be showing off other stuff. Now. I think, honestly, people are looking at just how much Disney is buying and guessing it’s all Marvel.

 But people are forgetting they also have Indiana Jones coming out this year on top of other projects on Disney Plus and various other outlets that people just forget are Disney. And they’re always thinking that they’re only going to promote something like Marvel when they have all these other properties. So I think some of this could be conflated with that. Whatever the case is, though, most people are saying minimum of two Marvel Studio spots, possibly four.

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I’m going in expecting two. If I get anything more than that, awesome. Anything less, I won’t be disappointed. So I guess we’ll see how this shakes out, considering the Super Bowl is right around the corner and I don’t even know who’s playing.

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