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Marvel Ghost Actor Teases Awkward Return

Marvel Ghost Actor Teases Awkward Return & Team Dynamic

Marvel’s very own Ghost actress who will be appearing in the Thunderbolts, teases a strange and awkward reintroduction and redevelopment in the MCU.

So this comes directly from Hannah John Kamen, who is Blade Ghost, and she talked a little bit about returning for the Thunderbolts. And obviously, she doesn’t reveal too many details because the script is still being written and it’s early on,

Marvel Ghost Actor Teases Awkward Return

 but she does sort of tease what to expect. Since the last time, we saw the character, she kind of just went M-I-A and we don’t really know her whereabouts or anything like that. And she said that if we look at the character and who she is, 

one thing that she doesn’t like is being touched. She’s also socially awkward. She’s quiet, she likes to keep to herself. She doesn’t like a team, she doesn’t like contact.

 And she’s a completely different character than most of the people on the team that you look at. And while they’re willing to work with each other and like working in teams for some of them

. And then she said that it’s going to be this dynamic that really interests her and exploring that in the team because how is she going to connect with the different

characters on a personal level? 

Marvel Ghost Actor Teases Awkward Return

How are they going to get along? What commonality and common ground can they find? Or what’s going to make each one of them kind of look at the other one with sideways eyes? Right? So it all kind of makes sense. 

I mean, again, the Thunderbolts, even if I don’t like the team they initially revealed, still there’s a lot of personal problems there. That makes sense, right? Like it’s all going to blow up at some point.

 There’s going to be an argument or worse. And Ghost specifically is a character where, I mean, she’s phasing in and out of reality. She has this containment suit, she’s a troubled character, 

and again, she’s only really answering to one person. But is that one person involved anymore? Or is it just Valentina now calling the shots? 

So that’s kind of going to be an interesting dynamic that I’m personally excited about as well. Because again, the more we can make this team weirder and stranger and less of a team and more just people forced to work together, 

Marvel Ghost Actor Teases Awkward Return

like the Suicide Squad, the better it will get. This is why I don’t like half the team because half of them do get along. So what’s the point?


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