Major Wonder Woman 3 Update

Major Wonder Woman 3 Update

Major Wonder Woman 3 Update is

Ever since Wonder Woman 1984 was released to, let’s just say, lukewarm reviews and reception from fans. 

The director of Patty Jenkins found herself officially off of the Star Wars project she was working on and back working at Wonder Woman for quite a few years. Now. We hear that a major update is imminent any day now.

Major Wonder Woman 3 Update

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Let’s just be real here. Wonder Woman 1984 probably could have made decent money at the box office even with its reviews. 

But again, it was the experimental hybrid release, one of the first ones when the pandemic kicked off. So it was a risky move. So whatever it made in terms of profits, which isn’t much at all, doesn’t really factor into them making a third Wonder Woman. 

What is important here is that they are committed to it, and Patty Jenkins has been working on it for quite some time now. 

The Hollywood Reporter and other big trades are stating that a major script update is about to happen and Patty Jenkins is about to wrap up.

 Her script ended in immediately. And they’re looking to possibly get going on this production so they can kick off the new wave of DC films soon. 

Meaning that this thing is further ahead than the new man of Steel two Superman film. But also this would be something that they want out there, like the news and probably starting production right alongside the role.

Major Wonder Woman 3 Update

ease of Shazam, too, because we all know because they spoiled it, 

that Wonder Woman is going to be in that film to kind of get the ball rolling on the excitement on the character. In my opinion. 

I honestly don’t care. Like Wonder Woman Three, there’s nothing there yet for me to get excited about. So I don’t care if they reveal that it’s set in the modern day and it’s going to be like a mini, hey, 

let’s rebuild the league or team up to take on somebody or whatever. OK, cool. But if it’s another period piece prequel, 

I’m out. I’m just sick of those because they constantly contradict other things in the universe, like everything that happens in Wonder Woman 84. 

How does that even fit into the DCEU continuity at all? So much happens. Like so much. And it’s never addressed any of it. It’s that sort of problem.

 I just hope that this film can be good and that it’s something that is honestly way better than Wonder Woman 84. Again, I like the opening sequence of 84, the whole flashback, almost the Christopher

Redfield. And then after that, I hate just about every moment of it. So hopefully they’ll get it right this time. But it’s going to take some time to do. 

We get, I guess, some big updates. I would guess probably a mid-next year, they make a major announcement, the release date probably San Diego Comic-Con, and then we go on from there.


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