Black Panther and T'Challa Controversy

Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 2’s Oscar Chances

Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 2’s Oscar Chances

It was about three months ago that we got the first bets on the chances of Black Panther Wakanda forever at the Oscar, you know before the film was ever screened to anybody. Yeah, 

Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 2's Oscar Chances

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I questioned this whole thing and how stupid it was that people were already hyping that up, but don’t worry. Now Marvel studio’s own Kevin Fox IG responds to inquiries about the chances of the film at the Oscars.

Look, I’m not going to get into the Oscars any awards scores, or anything like that. You guys already know my feelings on this whole thing, again, how I don’t particularly care about it and how something winning or losing doesn’t literally affect my enjoyment or whatever at all.

 So, yeah, that’s my stance on it. Always will be. But in an interview with total film magazine, marvel studios head Kevin Feige was asked about the chances of the academy possibly having the film be in the finals and possibly even winning the best picture.

 He said he’s not really into predicting whether the academy is going to accept this film or not or if it’s going to be something that they like or not. And he says it’s down to the people who do their own precious votes and what those count for. He says that as far as he’s concerned, 

Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 2's Oscar Chances

they approach this film just like the first one. It’s not about the Oscars. It’s not about the awards. It’s about them putting their best foot forward and letting the film do what it

needs to. They’re not chasing any awards. They’re not chasing any Oscars. They just want to put out a film that honors Black Panther and brings us the next chapter in the MCU

. Funny enough, I saw some backlash to this saying that you should always aim to make a possible best-picture contender, 

which I think is absolutely insane. Like you’re telling me that people who direct horror, which the academy actively pretends like it doesn’t exist, 

should always try to make the best picture film so then they shouldn’t make a horror film. That’s what you’re saying. That’s why I don’t get this stupid argument. And I honestly like what he’s saying. 

They’re not after the best picture. And again, we’ve talked about this before. There are legit films out there that are labeled Oscar bait. They come out in November, or December, because they are positioning themselves as Oscar-bait films. 

That’s what they are. They’re not going to make a lot at the box office. They’re not going to have this huge standing ovation

crowd at the end of a great giant blowout between a hero and a villain. They’re not that that’s Oscar films, comic book films, just by chance, 

Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 2's Oscar Chances

sometimes get into that or whatever it is. And I’m glad that they’re not out there, as he’s saying, chasing this, because that’s not their goal. And I personally wish comic book films never really chased that anyway. They’re comic book films. They’re based on things that were sold to eight to twelve-year-olds.

 Like, let’s not be pretentious and pretend that comic book films are something that they’re not, right?



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