Kelly Marcel Direct Venom-3 As New Director

Kelly Marcel Direct Venom-3 As New Director

Kelly Marcel Direct Venom-3 As New Director

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the third entry in the Venom franchise, which so far has only teased that it’s the final one and that we could potentially be seeing a confrontation with Spiderman.

Kelly Marcel Direct Venom-3 As New Director

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 We all assumed that we knew exactly who was going to be directing this thing because, hey, you just had Andy’s Circus due to the second one. Obviously, you’re going to get him to do the third one, right?

 Nope, those honors are going to carry Marcel, who has today directed absolutely nothing and has only been credited as a writer on Venom and Venom Let there Be Carnage,

 which, despite some people’s worries, doesn’t honestly worry me at all. I think she’s a good choice.

So, yeah, Kelly Marcel, who wrote the screenplays for Venom One and Venom Two, has officially gotten the big promotion. And she will be directing Venom Three. 

Now. While this isn’t really too shocking because they’re kind of promoting from within and within their own franchise. It is really notable that they’re not bringing back either director of the previous films. 

Both expressed interest in returning for the third one and also. By all accounts. Delivered exactly what Sony wanted and were good PR pieces for them that never really talked about any bad experiences or anything. 

So that kind of confuses me, honestly. Now, again, she is best known for kicking off the 50 Shades of Gray franchise. 

So my guess is we’re going to get more Venom symbiote type of deal here, which, OK, it is what it is. They’re definitely playing that angle up. But to me, the story here really is that they’re trusting her with this third outing with again, 

never having directed anything like this is going

Kelly Marcel Direct Venom-3 As New Director

to be her second thing by the time this comes out because she’s currently in pre-production on another project. Honestly, you know, I wish them the best. 

I thought Venom Wetherby Carnage was a way better film than the first one. I actually enjoyed the second one a whole lot. It did have some pacing issues and things. But again, she wrote the screenplay, 

so now she’s on hand with everything. Hopefully, she has some good ideas and they were able to work with her and really get the best possible product out. It should still be noted that Sony is still not commenting on anything related to Spiderman,

 but they keep saying that the confrontation will happen. So it sounds like that maybe this could be it. I mean, it’s Venom’s third and final outing by the sounds of it. So I guess we’ll find out soon. 


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