John Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4 production picture

John Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4 production picture

John Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4 production picture

The production of Spiderman Four with Sam Raimi and Toby McGuire began almost immediately after Spider-Man Three. They knew it was franchise time after the success of the first film, and they wanted to make sequels, something that happened almost every two to two and a half years. 

John Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4 production picture

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But, of course, production on Spiderman Four that involved actually shooting shut down literally a week before they were set to start rolling the camera, and some second unit stuff was already complete. And since then, we haven’t really seen much up until today. Almost 15 years later, we got our first look at the Vulture.

So I think most of you know that John Malkovich was set to play the Vulture. And this is one of those castings where you really just think about it and you realize what type of role and casting they were going for and what iteration of the character they would have had from the comics.

 And it automatically makes sense. At least I think it does. If it doesn’t to you. I don’t know. Difference of opinion, right? Either way, though, thanks to an update from Ken Pander, we now have our first look at John Malkovich’s wings that would have been on his suit. 

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This is literally the first thing we’ve seen that’s not just concept art. And again, it gives you an idea of what they were going for. You can tell that the span of the wings is a little bit more reigns back than what we got in the MCU. Obviously, I the MCU version I absolutely love.

 I think it’s, like, amazing. And I think they nailed the design, but this has a more how do I say, a comic book feel to it. And again, no, it’s not like

the Vulture straight up from the comics. I’m not saying that. But it looks like a more adaptive approach if you will. Like they’re trying to stick with what worked in the comics and modernize, almost kind of like the Marvel Spiderman video game, and not exactly going to the extent of like when they had the Vulture in the Rainy video games.

John Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4 production picture

 I want to say it was one of the PSP ones. I can’t remember it’s been like 20 years now since I played them. But, yeah, honestly, I do like this. I like finally being able to see this and seeing how far they got, knowing that they actually had these wings. 

And from what else we know, the suit was complete as well. There are pictures out there of the actor in the suit. It exists, made for promotional images and stuff. We’ve just never seen it. So they’re sitting somewhere in Sony’s archives, never to see the light of day, along with many other things. And it’s unfortunate because you get something like this and it’s almost like a glimpse into the multiverse

and it leaves you wanting more and asking more questions. And ultimately, we have nothing to go by other than just this. And that’s really unfortunate because I would love to see what this would have looked like and what it looks like in full. But at least now we know the wings.

 And I think the next step will be somebody doing some concepts are based on these wings and giving us what they think it would have looked like in the end because we kind of had some descriptions and other things that you can kind of use and come up with a design. So looks really cool.

John Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4 production picture

 I like the almost feather look they added to them very much taking the ridiculous look from the comics and incorporating it into something.


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