Positivity and positive thoughts. It's what it's all about

Jeremy Renner wishing him a speedy recovery

Jeremy Renner wishing him a speedy recovery

All right, guys. Positivity and positive thoughts. It’s what it’s all about when it comes to Jeremy Renner, wishing him a speedy recovery. Of course, just keep the energy and, you know, the positivity high, and hopefully in a couple of years he’ll be back and we’ll be able to see him in the MCU again. 

Jeremy Renner wishing him a speedy recovery
Jeremy Renner wishing him a speedy recovery

But until that time, we’re going to end up finding out more details on what exactly happened when it came to that horrific accident.

So one thing that people have learned ever since the Jeremy Renner accident is that he was very much dedicated to helping out the neighborhood. If there was snow plow shortages or issues with plowing snow, that’s why he had his own machine. 

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He would try to help his elderly neighbors, those in need. He would literally call the city, like, hey, what can I do? Where can I show up? So again, he was clearly a man all about the community and helping people out, and I think that’s been known for a while. 

But again, we’re just now starting to see it become more prominent because it was always overshadowed by his star power in Hollywood. The latest update that we recently got, which was confirmed by multiple outlets, which is why I waited a little bit to talk about it, was the fact that what happened with the accident and the snowcat, I believe that’s what it’s called, right?

 The snowcat, the snow machine, let’s just put it that way. Essentially, he tried to save his nephew. That’s the latest update.

Jeremy Renner wishing him a speedy recovery
Jeremy Renner wishing him a speedy recovery

When they were out there plowing the snow and everything, his nephew would have been the one that could have potentially been as injured or worse. 

And what ended up happening was in the effort to save him, he got, I guess, in the back of the snowplow, and one thing led to another, which led to him being crushed. 

Now there are some updates and conflicting reports on the whole mechanical side of the machine that it might not have been working properly, that maybe the parking brake or something wasn’t on, and this could be due to faults and maintenance. 

They just don’t know. Again, it’s still an ongoing situation there, but it just shows you that you can never be certain with these things and that he was watching out for someone else right there. 

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Again, when he jumped out and didn’t even reportedly have time to check whether the things were going to be safe, he just kind of jumped out. Get the hero mentality, if you will. And we’ve seen this before with other people. Somebody pulls, oversees a burning building, they just sprint right in there, try to rescue whoever’s in there. It’s that, you know, instinct that some people have. So another update. 

Hopefully things are going good for his recovery. Can’t wait to see him back in films. We need to all tell him that he owes us Hansel and Gretel, too. I’m alone in this, aren’t I? Okay. That’s what I thought.

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