James Gunn Reacts To Dwayne Johnson's Comment

James Gunn Unveils Destiny of Reimagined Superman

James Gunn Unveils Destiny of Reimagined Superman

This is the type of news I’ve been waiting for. James Gunn putting a smile on my face. A big old smile on my face, because he confirmed, yeah, you know what? I’m canceling pretty much everything besides Superman and the lowest. That thing can go on for multiple more seasons.

James Gunn Reacts To Dwayne Johnson's Comment

You guys know I’m a giant fan of Superman and lowest absolutely one of my favorite things DC has done in the last 20 years. It’s crazy to think about that, but that’s true. I love Superman. Lois, I think that is the prime example of how you modernize Superman and make them relevant to pretty much everybody.

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 Again, if you haven’t watched it, please do yourself a favor and go watch Superman and Lois again. It’s the best thing CW has ever done. So the fact that James Gunn and Peter Saffron were both talking about canceling all these other projects, 

and then when Superman and Lois was brought up,

they said they envisioned Superman and Lois going on for at least another one to two, if not more seasons, I think is smart. And what’s really smart about this is the fact that that show has completely abandoned the whole arrowverse. 

They straight up just told you, yeah, you remember how we started off as a spin off? Forget that. Forget everything. We’re not connected to that at all. They’ve made that very apparent. 

And that’s a smart decision on their side and their front. And I hope that this is honestly one of the reasons why Peter and James Gunn trust the show and they see that they’re not ruining the legacy. 

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Instead, they’re enhancing the legacy of Superman by introducing the children and showing what Superman’s life is as a worried father, as somebody who’s struggling and Lois is struggling. 

And it feels real. It feels like it takes place in the real world, which, again, is a major factor for that show that makes it stick out and shows you how some iterations really kind of drop the ball with that aspect of making Superman in the real world work. So I’m super psyched. Can’t wait for more. I’m glad that this is the one thing that they’re not kicking to the side and going, no, we’re canceling that. It’s honest. The news I was hoping for.

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