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James Gunn to LEAD DC Studios Films & TV

James Gunn to LEAD DC Studios Films & TV

Well, guys, we got some big breaking news. DC Studios has officially found their version of Kevin Feige and Victoria Alonso because James Gunn and Peter Saffron are going to be headlining a brand new DC film studios where they will oversee the development of everything film and TV.

James Gunn to LEAD DC Studios Films & TV

So make no mistake, I said DC Studios because that’s what it’s called. They have officially announced the coCEOs of DC Studios, james Gunn and Peter, will officially be coowners and co runners of this division that reports to WB discovery. 

And the head honcho David Zazlab and them together will be putting together new films, television, and animated efforts which will all be part of the brand new DC universe. This, once again, 

is essentially the same thing that Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and the other VP, Victoria Alonso have been doing for the better part of a decade. And now that they are doing this together, this means that the ten year plan,

 the person overseeing everything and telling a coherent story moving forward, and every single director, producer, and everybody has to report to, is James and Peter. They will be running everything from this point moving forward.

 This is honestly quite shocking, but it makes sense. The best critically received output that they’ve seen has been

from James Gunn. And obviously he’s developing multiple projects, which we’ve already talked about. And now we while for a fact

, know that WB has convinced him probably with a huge monetary incentive, and he’s going to be committed to them for the better part of his,

 well, probably the next decade. Because let’s be real, that’s exactly what they were talking about. And while stressing that they needed somebody to oversee everything for a decade,

James Gunn to LEAD DC Studios Films & TV

 again, there’s a lot that’s going to go on here. This is your quick update video. We are putting together a quick podcast where we’re just going to talk about this and what happens next. 

So stay tuned. That should hit as long as YouTube accepts the processing immediately as soon as we’re done recording. So we’ll be back soon with a major discussion.

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