The DC Universe Unites: James Gunn Teases Epic Movie and TV Crossover

The DC Universe Unites: James Gunn Teases Epic Movie and TV Crossover

I think we all suspected that when James Gunn revealed gods and Monsters, this would inevitably lead to the gods and the monsters eventually crossing paths, right? Well, recently James Gunn hinted towards something and his response to people’s inquiry was, yeah, it looks like that’s probably what we’re going to be doing because that’s what we teased recently. James gunn posted that photo. That included swamp Thing. frankenstein There, you see what’s going on, right? Yeah. You guys see it teasing a crossover too, possibly.

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So fans were like, hey, are you teasing a potential crossover? Like, is swamp Thing going to appear in the commandos? Is that what you’re teasing? And vice versa. And he would reply with some of those emojis that are like, yeah, maybe that’s what I’m teasing at. And then in subsequent interviews, he was like, look, these characters exist in the same world.

The DC Universe Unites: James Gunn Teases Epic Movie and TV Crossover
The DC Universe Unites: James Gunn Teases Epic Movie and TV Crossover
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So the idea is they can show up in each other’s projects. And he said he’s not directly saying that swamp Thing is going to show up in Batman or Batman Brave in The Bold, but characters can if they need them to and if that’s what they’re going for. So, yeah, it’s the mcu effect, right? You’re going to get to that point where they’re all crossing over. Because believe it or not, chapter one, Gods and Monsters, implies that chapter one ends and everything has to culminate in something, right? It’s like the avengers.

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It’s like the phases. So yeah, this is honestly all good. Him kind of hinting towards that in interviews and replying to people and liking people’s theories on this is just further pushing the idea of what we all thought was going to happen. And now they’re like, yeah, that’s what’s going to happen. So all good. Honestly, I’m super hyped. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

And I just can’t wait to see how they approach integrating all these things because you have like, creature commandos. That’s awesome. swamping appearing in there makes a whole lot of sense, especially if he appears in a cartoon first. Then you build up that the character exists.

And when we get to his movie a couple of years later, people already have a basis of knowledge of who he is and what he’s going to look like, and what he stands for. That’s the universe and movie world-building. That’s literally what he helped the mcu do.

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