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James Gunn Teases Avengers Endgame Impact on-Goldenbihar

James Gunn Teases Avengers Endgame Impact on Guardians Special

When recently asked about what exactly you need to watch to understand Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Three and whether that is directly going to involve needing to watch the Holiday Special. Is James Gunn confirmed? Yes

James Gunn Teases Avengers Endgame Impact on Guardians Special

. And also you should probably watch Avengers Endgame Game. Are we under the impression that somebody who hasn’t seen Endgame who’s watching the MCU? Because that would be wild.

So once again, we know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol b is a bridge between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol two and Three. But also it has to answer some of the questions that we were left with. 

Well, one with Thor’s love and thunder, but two with Avengers. Endgame. So directly responding to people trying to figure out what exactly is going to be mandatory. 

Watching James Gunn revealed that you should probably rewatch Endgame to understand everything that’s going on in the Holiday Special and Guardians of the Galaxy

 Vol Three because there will be connective plot elements that carry from Endgame to the Holiday Special all the way to Guardians Three which is sort of a storyline that plays out that you need to be caught up on.

 Let’s just put it that way. And he said that he views the Guardians Holiday Special as a sort of connective plot element between Endgame and volume three. It’s a small little setup,

James Gunn Teases Avengers Endgame Impact on Guardians Special

 but it’s also telling you what exactly they are doing between those two films and during those events.

 And that this is once again an epilogue to phase four. And it’s going to be something a little bit different and again,

 something a little bit more important than people are anticipating. Now, this isn’t really surprising. Marvel Studios TV shows and specials seem to be becoming more important in regard to what’s coming down the road.

 And this is, of course, made with intent because their goal is to get you to watch everything. And if you watch everything, 

you’re rewarded a little bit more. And I’m just very interested to see how Guardians the Holiday Special at least, is going to try to catch people up with what these characters have been in considering how much time has passed. But also, where exactly do they leave them,

 the leads into Guardians Three? And what exactly is going to be like the mandatory thing that connects everything? I mean, we don’t have a long time to go till we find out. So I guess get hyped

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