James Gunn Responds to Dwayne Johnson's Statement About Black Adam

James Gunn Responds to Dwayne Johnson’s Statement About Black Adam

James Gunn Responds to Dwayne Johnson’s Statement About Black Adam

After The Rock released a statement confirming that he was done as Black Adam and that DC Studios and James Gunn are going in a different direction and didn’t take too long for James Gunn to officially confirm everything that was said and release his official statement. 

And, well, the statement is, at its face value, exactly what we thought it was a confirmation. I know that there is still plenty of people in disbelief that James Gunn is doing what he’s doing, that Peter Saffron is agreeing with it, that David Zazlab at WB is agreeing to this,

 considering how much money, time and just how big of an investment they made on The Rock in Black Adam. But he confirmed that he was done and that there’s nothing really for Black Adam in the new DCU. 

James Gunn did confirm this by saying, and I quote, love The Rock, and I’m always excited to see what he and $7 do next. Can’t wait to collaborate soon. High five, end quote.

Now I will just address this that can’t wait to collaborate soon is sort of a mutual type of, hey, if we find a project, if we find something, we’ll work together down the road. 

We saw this one, Henry Cavill with Ben Affleck. They always do something like this. Again, he’s the CEO of a studio now. 

He’s going to do this and say things like this. He confirms what was said by The Rock and that’s that Black Adam is out. They’re going in a different

direction. There’s no place for him. They’re doing something completely different and things are just going to be different in the new DCU. And you just got to take it at its face value here. It’s a confirmation of everything we thought was going to happen and what’s happening, and that’s a reboot. And again, 

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even if they weren’t rebooting it, let’s just say they were still keeping the DCer around. There wasn’t going to be a Black Adam Two due to the financial failure of Black Adam One.

 So they’re kind of backed up into a corner and the decision they’re making results in what we’re getting. At least he’s saying, hey, we’ll see what we can do next. I’m excited to see what you do with your production house and studio.

 Maybe we’ll collab, maybe we won’t. Again, it’s a sort of expected statement. There’s nothing more here. I know some people are still in disbelief, but it is what it is. Times are changing, and the DCU has to burn down the DCEU and rise from its ashes. And that’s what we’re seeing here.


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  1. Lol. The “new” DCU will be terrible. That’s just what’s happening here. People don’t go to movies anymore. They watch them from home live streaming when they can and black Adam will eventuality be watched. Cavill was perfect for Superman. I cringe at who they decide to take over. Fire Gunn and just let Christopher Nolan do everything.

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