Jackboy's Incredible Car Collection

Jackboy’s Incredible Car Collection

Jackboy’s Incredible Car Collection

Jack Boy, whose real name is Pierre de Lance, is a rapper from Florida. A good friend of Kodak black, he has accumulated a net worth estimated at more than $2.5 million. And he loves to flaunt his luxurious car purchases.

Jackboy's Incredible Car Collection
Jackboy’s Incredible Car Collection
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At just 25 years old, four, jack boy has some insane rides bought all cash. So today on the Celebrity cars, let us take a look at Jack back boy’s matching car collection.

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To start off recently, the rapper proudly posed in his driveway in front of two cars from his fleet. He mixed and matched a dark Lamborghini uris and a white BMW I Eight. In the past, he called the BMW the X Mobile, which he dedicated to late rapper Xx tennis yawn over a couple of years ago. 

BMW introduced the I eight in 2014, refreshing it in 2018, which is what Jack Boy seems to own. The plugin hybrid costed him about $150,000. And when it comes to the Lamborghini urus, this dark blue SUV isn’t the only one Jack Boy owns, because he has two of them, the other with a black exterior. 

One of the fastest SUVs out there costs around 350 grand each. Next up, a dodge Charger. SRT. Helcat is Jack boy’s choice of preference. The muscle car is powered by a six two liter V eight hemi engine that outputs 797 HP. It holds the title of the world’s most powerful and fastest mass-produced sedan, as well as one of the widest. For a fast and furious car like this, you’ll have to pay $85,000. 

Finally, his most expensive and impressive purchase of all has to be as white RollsRoyce ghost with orange accents all over for the most of luxury. The ghost is RollsRoyce’s sedan, which is super luxurious, smooth and comfortable, the car slides on the road like a boat with amazing performances as well.

Jackboy's Incredible Car Collection

 Because of a 6.7 liter V twelve engine, jackboy went big with this one, splurging $450,000 for his Ghost. So as of now, Jackboy has a garage estimated at five cars and the value of it is estimated at around $1.4 million. 

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