Is there going to be an Arkham Asylum show?

Is there going to be an Arkham Asylum show

Is there going to be an Arkham Asylum show?- There is a lot of hype right now among DC fans for the future of the Batman franchise and specifically what is in development currently, which of course is the pre-production for the Batman Part Two, and they are currently shooting Penguin. But now we got a quick update on Arkham Asylum.

So if you’ve been paying attention, after the success of Batman, a couple of productions sprung up, or at least early development sprung up for spinoffs. Penguin, Gotham PD, and Arkham Asylum. From what we understand, all of these are still in some state of active development, with obviously Penguin being furthest ahead because it’s actually shooting.

Is there going to be an Arkham Asylum show?
Is there going to be an Arkham Asylum show?

 Recently, somebody decided to ask the producer of Penguin, who was also attached to Arkham, whether there’s any development or if he could reveal anything. He just gave a thumbs-up and a smiley face after this. We saw some trades run with some stories in regard to the universe, and according to some reports, they’re taking it one at a time. And we know that getting to Penguin took over a year. 

So it sounds like that they’re going to figure out how they’re going to handle Penguin, what the budget is, what the constraints are, what they have to sacrifice because of TV, and how much they spend on Batman Part Two, and then look at the whole thing and realize, do we need a follow up to Penguin?

Is there going to be an Arkham Asylum show?

 Do we do a spin-off that’s Arkham? And it’s already been heavily implied that Penguin could tie into Arkham Asylum somehow. So this could be a way to set that whole thing up and then put the wheels in motion in Batman Part Two for multiple spin-offs, which sounds pretty awesome if it’s true. 

And I’m all down for this, exploring more of that world, especially going deeper into Arkham with characters there like Joker and Riddler, and who knows who else would I think to be really fascinating, especially if they can give us a look at the inner workings.

 Like we don’t need to follow some crazy big name like Penguin in here, right? We could just do Arkham Asylum, give us somebody in there that’s like, I don’t know, build up Hugo Strange in there, right? He’s doing some weird experiments or something. You make him fit this world and then build that up toward the next Batman entry. I think there’s something there or directly tied to Gotham PD,

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which at one point was sort of like a companion piece. So it sounds like that there’s movement on everything, and we’re going to find out more than likely towards the back half of the year once Penguin is in post-production, once Batman is in full production, or Batman Part Two. And then we start hearing rumors of what comes next because it seems like they want to roll from one production into the next continuously.

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