Is the Joker and batman part of the DCU

Is the Joker and batman part of the DCU

Is the Joker and batman part of the DCU

With so much news surrounding the DC Universe under James Gunn and Peter Safari, there’s been a lot of questions in regard to what happens next,

especially with a franchise like Batman and the Joker. Well, the good news and the bad news depending on how you look. Look at it is that Batman and Joker are officially not part of the DCU.Is the Joker and batman part of the DCU

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They will continue to exist outside of this brand-new universe.
So, again, Joker two and Batman Two, or just those franchises in general, I think you start to understand why they’re not in the new DCU.

Because they don’t belong in it. That’s really short of it, right? So it’s really not surprising that it’s been confirmed that Batman and anything else in that universe, along with a joke or two and whatever happens next,

will officially continue to exist outside of the DC universe, and they will not be overseen by James Gunn. He’s not going to have control of those. And in my opinion, this is the best choice possible.

For lack of a better term, we now have the Gun verse, which fans of the Suicide Squad and Peacemaker were already calling that that.

So essentially, we’re just going to get more of that, but everything’s going to connect to it from this point on out. At the same time,

you have Matt Reeves continue to develop his own Batman while you do whatever you do in the DCU with Batman. And then at the same time, over here, you have Joker,

which quite obviously, is something completely different that doesn’t need to tie into anything, and it can be more of their own elsewhere tale. And then you work on that,

and I think it’s pretty evident. Again, nothing is confirmed here, but pretty evident that James Gunn doesn’t even want those. Again,

Is the Joker and batman part of the DCU

we don’t know, but there’s no way James Gunn is going to step in and try to dismantle a good thing that’s already worked. The reason he’s in charge of DC Studios is that they want him to dismantle everything that hasn’t worked,

which is a lot, and rebuild it from the ground up. That’s why he and Peter Safran are going to be working together. That’s why they’re co-CEOs of a brand newly formed DC Studios.

In my opinion, we’re getting the best of everything. They’re not going to touch Batman. They’re not going to touch the Joker. You at those fan bases and creators work on those universes,

and they don’t have to bend over backward to contribute to one
shared universe. In my opinion. That’s great. We’ve seen even Marvel Studios recently when they try not to connect things at a deep level and just tell a good story.

People will love it. Look at where we’ll find that it exists in the MCU. But if you didn’t tell people that, it doesn’t necessarily have to. It’s just great on its own. So I respect this decision, and I wholeheartedly support it. I’m glad that Batman is not going to cross over into the new DCU.

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