Is The Batman 2 confirmed?

Is The Batman 2 confirmed? | The Batman 2 Release Date Set for October 2025

Is The Batman 2 confirmed?

Batman Two, starring Robert Patsen, and directed by Matt Reeves, is officially the first DC Universe else world film. James Gunn and Peter Saffron confirmed this. Let’s talk about why this is very important.

They are actors that have performed the role of Batman

Notice how they didn’t mention Joke or two, but they mentioned the Batman or Part Two, whatever they’re going to call it. There’s some conflicting reports out there. 

I think this is really interesting because we know we’re getting Brave in The Bold, which isn’t connected to the Batman, but we’re getting the Batman sequel and it’s part of the DC Universe Else World storytelling. 

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Now, why they’re skipping mentioning the Joker, which already has a release date, brings up a lot of questions that people are asking, I think, to me, personally, one big thing here is the fact that they are acknowledging that this is part of the bigger DC Universe and part of the whole else world storytelling. 

And they tease that elsewhere tales could in some way, shape or form down the road, matter a little bit more. This makes me think that maybe there’s some sort of grand plan for that eight to ten years out from now and not the two to three years we’re getting right off the bat. And I think right there, when

you think about it, it kind of starts to make sense on why you would want to bring the Batman a little closer to line up with the new vision and also tell people, hey, it’s not the same thing. Don’t worry about it. The whole Joker thing, definitely we’re not touching that because they don’t want us touching that. 

But here there can be a more collaborative process. So, for example, does Batman Two want to use Mr. Freeze and Bain? Well, okay, we won’t do that. In the Brave and the Bold, we can kind of coordinate so we’re not really rubbing up against one another with the same ideas and same concepts, which I think could be advantageous to both sides. 

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So I’m excited that the Batman Two is being acknowledged as part of Else’s world. And maybe this means that down the road we get something out of it in the DCU proper, which I think would be honestly the best thing that could happen with it down the road. Not right away, but far down the road, kind of mashing things up in some sort of a giant

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