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Is Thanos evil in the MCU

Is Thanos evil in the MCU?

The man responsible for creating Thanos still believes that his creation is coming back to the MCU and rather soon.

So technically, he’s not wrong. Right. Jim starring the legendary creator in comics. I mean, he’s mentioned it plenty of times before. 

Is Thanos evil in the MCU

Thanos time isn’t over, and we’ve seen he’s correct. Thanos returned for what if Thanos is returning in the California theme park ride where he defeated the Avengers in Endgame as King Thanos. He’s also returning in more animation.

 So he’s not going away. But he’s not talking about that. He’s specifically talking about live action. And he recently talked about the fact that he sat down with Marvel, 

and of course, he talked about his creations and some of the things he’s worked on and how the contracts work and, of course, some payments, because if they’re going to use something you created, if you fulfill the old contract,

 you got to negotiate new ones. So he’s talked about the fact that he’s heard about Marvel and what they’re doing with the Xmen, and he’s got to be involved with some aspects of it. And then he said, well, I’m still being paid for Thanos,

and they’ve talked to me about Thanos, so there’s got to be something there. I mean, as the saying goes, where is there smoke? There’s got to be fire. There’s definitely something here happening.

 Now, we know many of these creators don’t get huge amounts of money, but if suddenly he gets his check for $20,000 and it’s something Thanos related and he doesn’t know what it is,

 the last time he got a $20,000 Thanos check, well, he was in a couple of live action appearances. So you can see what he’s saying here. 

Is Thanos evil in the MCU

He’s getting paid for thanos. Thanos is coming somewhere. He doesn’t necessarily know where, but they’re not going to tell them because they’re using creations based on their work,

 and they’re just paying them. They don’t really have input on what the director is doing or the script writers or anything like that. So this could be for a variety of things eternal Splashback, whatever involves Star Fox, aka. Arrows thanos brother. Could be secret wars or the Kang dynasty. Whatever. Pick one.

Right? But I do believe we’re going to see more Thanos also in live-action, not just cartoon. I legit do believe we’re going to see him return.

 I mean, if it was up to me, I would bring him into honestly, just bring him into secret wars, bring King Thanos into secret wars. Have him have his own section of the planet. Just be like, yeah, what? What are you going to do? I defeated all you before. Look at all these heads rolling. That’s Tony’s head right there.


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