Is T'Challa being recast

Is T’Challa being recast

Is T’Challa being recast

This will either go over well for people supporting the hashtag recast Tawa movement or it’s going to sour things even more.

I personally don’t know how some people are going to take it because to me, this is some inevitable news, but also it’s some bad news for people hoping to see see T’Challa come back.

Black Panther and T'Challa Controversy

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And obviously, after Wakanda forever, that is pretty much out of the question unless they pull some sort of insane twist on us.

Either way, though, Winston Duke and Baku himself believes T’Challa will be recast, but not anytime soon. He believes it’s going to happen when they inevitably reboot the MCU.

So let’s be honest about this. The MCU at some point has to be rebooted. They bought themselves some more time with the Fantastic Four, more Spiderman, and of course the Xmen coming in.

But after another decade, possibly another 15 years, they are literally going to run into the point where you’ve pretty much exhausted all the most, wellknown, characters, even the B and C list tier characters, which they’ve managed to somehow make B plus to A list characters these days. So, again, they’re going to get to that point.

So Winston Duke, who plays MBA Ku, was speaking with Esquire magazine and he was asked about the future of the Black Panther brand and the recast to Chalk movement.

And he said, well, there’s no way that they’re never going to remake Black Panther and the saga will continue. And he says that by that point, obviously, when you reboot, you have to recast. So T’Challa will be recast and there will be a new Black Panther. But again, the story that they’re choosing to tell in the

MCU is not going that way. So this is it for now. I’ve seen some people say that, well, they already brought T’Challa back and I think that’s kind of naive.

Black Panther and T'Challa Controversy
Yes, there’s a new character, T’Challa’s son, called T’Challa, but that’s not T’Challa. You guys get what I’m saying, right? Like, they didn’t just recast T’Challa and he’s playing the same character.

This is his son. It’s just like if Peter Parker has a son in ten years and he calls him Peter, OK, it’s not the same Peter Parker.

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Is T'Challa being recast

And at that point, well, we can repeat the same argument over again. Nobody cares about this, and this is terrible. And we’ll just be in a sight cool.

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