Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher

Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher

Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher

Punisher fans, we got some pretty exciting news coming at us, courtesy of what looks to be a preemptive leak that has hit the net that is confirming the return of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, played by John Bernhard, all in Marvel’s Phase Five.

So few have been following the news in regards to The Punisher. Originally we heard that he was set to appear Justin Daredevil Born Again, which of course is a part of phase Five. 

Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher

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But then there was a change that happened, reportedly behind the scenes due to the fact that Kristen Ritter, aka Jessica Jones wasn’t available, that he was then going to be mentioned and possibly pop up in Echo and then fully come back in Daredevil Born Again. 

Well, it’s been very silent, but earlier this summer we heard about this and we heard about a confirmation from Rosario Dawson, aka Claire Temple, that he was also back in the MCU. 

Now, the latest one is another important one that adds another major piece to the puzzle.


And this comes at us from Casey O’Keefe, who is relatively unknown in the big blockbuster industry and everything like that. Obviously, 

as a newer actor, you gotta get your start somewhere. Well, he uploaded a picture of himself and John Bernthal, which I will have it linked down below so

you guys can check out the image. Now, the picture itself isn’t anything too out of the ordinary. Again, people have taken pictures with John Bernthal and other actors plenty of times, but again, remember, he’s an actor and the devil is in the details and in the caption where he says, john Barnhall is a tremendous actor. Looking forward to working with you during Marvel phase five.

 And again, people automatically noticed what he’s talking about. And now the rumors are starting to line up because we know that right now they are currently developing and starting the early preproduction of Daredevil Born Again, 

which is set to start early next year. So things are lining up rather well for all of this to kind of lay out on a board, connect the dots and go, here it is, here’s the full picture. And not really surprising, I don’t think. 

Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher

Again, if they recast The Punisher, how are you going to get somebody better? You’re not. So like Charlie Cox, you’re going to bring back the fan favorite character,

you’re going to do the softish style reboot like they did with Charlie Cox, where queerly, it’s the same actor, but time has passed.

 It’s a new person, right? He’s like new in his headspace and you go on with it, and it makes sense that you would be in Dairyville Born Again

considering the connection between the two characters. So things are looking pretty awesome. And Frank Castle fans get ready because it looks like it’s all but confirmed. The last, 

last thing we have is literally Marvel Studios confirming it. Everything else. I mean, how many leaks have we’ve gotten now? Like it’s countless.


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