Iron Man Director Hated Marvel Studios For killing Iron Man

Is Ironheart Replacing Iron Man

Marvel Studios is set to introduce brand new Iron Man-based characters into the MCU. This, of course, is the one and only Riri Williams, 

Is Ironheart Replacing Iron Man

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aka Ironheart, a character that’s already seen a fair share of backlash before ever appearing on film. So now let’s talk about the replacement of Iron Man. According to the director of the film and the actress,

did you hear that Marvel Studios is replacing and erasing Iron Man? That’s right. They’re going to personally come into your house, take your copies of Iron Man and every appearance of his, and smash them with a sledgehammer. 

As a matter of fact, Kevin Feige is probably at your door right now, ready to bust in and destroy your copy because Iron Man is being replaced. It’s the new agenda. 

This is it. That’s legit what people are saying about Ironheart, even though if you’ve ever read the Ironheart comics, you legitimately know she’s literally not a replacement at all. 

Like, she’s very much her own character, just like James Rhodes War Machine is his own character that exists as a spin off of Iron Man. 

Right. That kind of makes sense. While speaking with EW, the director, Ryan Coogler, and Dominic Thorne, a k Weary Williams, both talked about this, and they said this is one of those things where it’s the mantle and carrying on the spirit of the character that they’re trying to do. 

They’re not replacing Iron Man. They’re not saying Riri is better. They’re saying that there is a new type of character that’s inspired by the original, and they specifically both bring up Miles Morales and how that’s handled, where Peter is still Spider-Man, 

but Miles is also Spiderman, but they’re two completely different characters with their own worlds, their own history that inhabit the same corner of the Marvel universe. They compared it to that and said that if you look at the type of trajectory that they’re going in,

Is Ironheart Replacing Iron Man

 it’s another legacy character because it’s what comes after the sacrifice. So I hope people understand what they’re saying here. Some people are overblowing this to the degree that it’s like any time a new character shows up,

 they’re automatically going to forget about the old one, but they forget about the whole legacy thing that Marvel has always been built on. And on top of this, they even address, reusing some of the same imagery that’s related to Iron Man, like the wielding

scene and the hammer and everything. And they talk about that, saying, well, it’s one of those things she’s got to build her own suit. So if she’s doing that, let’s mimic what came before. So people understand visual storytelling.

 It’s like poetry rhymes, right? I think most of us get that. I think, like George Lucas said, it the best. Now, obviously, 

we got to wait and see the final end result, but I’m pretty sure by the time Black Panther Wakanda Forever is over and we get to Ironheart, we’re gonna go AHA. Yep. That’s definitely not the same character as Iron Man.



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