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Is Henry Cavill staying as Superman

Is Henry Cavill staying as Superman

Okay, we are starting to hear some troubling news surrounding Henry Cavill and his return as Superman, which, believe it or not, is not set in stone yet. He only came back for cameo appearances.

Is Henry Cavill staying as Superman

 A contract to bring him back as Superman full-time has not actually you’ve been set in stone or signed by either side. They’re just actively working on Superman sequels with him in mind, hoping he agrees.

So, as most of you know, it was only around August that we started to hear and that’s late August that Henry Cavill was back as Superman. And then we started to get the report.

 And again we confirmed to hear ourselves as well. Yes, he was doing reshoots for Flash and he was going to be there for about a week to maybe a week and a half. And then we learned that at the same time he did the Superman cameo for Black Adam. 

Well, according to reports, it’s only one of deals. These cameos were quickly agreed upon and made possible because of hopes of the two sides reaching some sort of agreement down the road.

BREAKING Henry Cavill is NOT Under Contract for Superman Full Time Reportedly

 And that a formal agreement for him to star as Superman in new films and continue to appear in the DCU for the foreseeable future has not officially been put from pen to paper. It’s still in the negotiating stages. 

And they have no idea how long it could take or if he will even agree to it with his camp. Because again, they got to work out the money side of things. According to reports,

Henry Cavill was looking at at least ten to 20 million per appearance.

 We know WB was not willing to budge over. I believe it was 3 million that was previously reported because, again, Robert Patson is Batman. 

Barry made 1.5. So they’re kind of looking at it, well, Batman is more successful, Superman isn’t. So the hopes are that negotiations work out for the best. Then when it’s all said and done,

 both sides can agree on it. When his schedule lightens up and things can move forward, which honestly all sounds on point. We know that they don’t want to commit to too much or do these giant contracts that could possibly put them into the position that the old regime was in, 

Is Henry Cavill staying as Superman

where then you’re backed up into a corner. You have things assigned to specific celebrities and writers and directors and becomes a mess, and you have to do the payouts. 

We know at T is being more stingy and careful with their money. So I assume it’s going to be a back-and-forth until we get a formal announcement. And

then once we get that, once we get the official, yes, Man of Steel, 200%, here’s the date, then we can assume it’s all been set in stone and squared away.

 But until then, he’s not under contract and it’s going to be a per-appearance basis that they hope to work out with him. 

So we’ll see which maybe explains why they’re also still working on that JJ. Abrams. Earth to Superman. You know, contingency plans.



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