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Is Constantine 2 going to happen?

Is Constantine 2 going to happen?

Keanu Reeves himself finally has an update confirming the talks of Constantine II, that it is, in fact, happening, and why it’s happening. So let’s get to that.

So we’ve known for a while that Constantine II has been in development ever since I believe it was like, August or September. And certainly, we don’t know how it’s going to fit into the new DCU, if at all. If it’s one of these else world tales. 

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More likely to Elseworlds tale, you would have to assume unless they’re going to retroactively make the first film part of the new continuity, which I think would be kind of stupid. But it could work either way, though. You got the multiverse. 

Is Constantine 2 going to happen?
Keanu Reeves
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You could do whatever Keanu was asked. Hey, with all this focus on John Wick, we know Constantine Two exists. So Slash Films just asked them, what’s status and why? And he said ever since the ending of the first film, he’s always wanted to explore more of it. What happens next with the story?

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 Where do they go? What’s the character about? How has the world changed? And finally, somebody answered and said, hey, let’s figure this out. Let’s pitch the sequel. They did it and was given a, okay, let’s see what you guys can come up with. And now they’re coming up with ideas, and stories, 

and trying to figure out what exactly is going to go on with this film. So it’s an update that’s good, although not as good as some people might want or think it is because it could still get canceled. They could still deliver a picture, a script that they go, yeah, that doesn’t work for us, bro. 

returning to Hell: The Next Chapter in Constantine’s Story

HOK hogan it and just go, that won’t work for me, brother. Go back. And they got to redo it again. So we’re still very early on. I hope they don’t rush it because I think they got to get this one right, because if you get Keanu Reeves back, who’s beloved by everybody in it, 

right? And he’s playing constant, and the film flops again, like the first one, you’ve now ruined Constantine for another decade, and you can’t reuse them or reboot them that quick. Two, Keanu falls off that totem pole of actors that can save a franchise, and three, well, you kind of doomed them with the whole Constantine is going to be a pillar, right? Yeah,

you don’t want to do that. So I think they got to take their time and be careful with this one. And the pillars of Justice League Dark Constantine has to be the one that succeeds because there’s a lot riding on him.

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