First Look at MCU MODOK Revealed

Is Ant-Man 3 coming out?

Is Ant-Man 3 coming out?

Well, guys, here it is, our confirmation of the final trailer for Antman and the Wasp Quantumania and when exactly we can expect it. And of course, let’s talk about what we can expect in this final trailer.

Is Ant-Man 3 coming out?
Is Ant-Man 3 coming out?
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So, as always, we know that Disney likes to use their giant network and all their outlets to put a big promotional emphasis on projects. And it’s not really surprising that this is going to continue with Antman and the Wasp Quantumania, which of course is releasing to theaters worldwide in February. 

So we’ve all been wondering, when exactly is the final trailer going to drop? And it’s dropping on Monday, January 9, which will be along with a sports game, you guessed it, this is what they do. It will debut on ESPN sometime after 07:30 p.m.. Eastern and this will be the final trailer. 

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Now, again, this is coming at us roughly a month and like a week, a week and a half before the film come out on February 17. So this honestly makes sense. This is going to be the big trailer, the one that gives us the most insight into the plot, more finished to dialogue, more finished CG in general, and kind of gives us that push, right? Gives some people that are like, I don’t know, what’s this movie about?

Who’s this Kang? What’s even the point of this film? This is going to be that trailer. This is the one we’ve been waiting for. This is the one that really starts to set up expectations, that gives us first insight into box office predictions due to the tracking and of course, might align itself up with tickets going on sale.

Is Ant-Man 3 coming out?
Is Ant-Man 3 coming out?

 Now, that one, as of right now, is still unknown because we got to wait to see how they’re going to do it. I assume you’re not dropping tickets at 09:30 P.m. On Monday night. Although crazier things have happened, I would not be surprised if they announced that tickets go on sale that following Friday, roughly a month out, and it gives people enough time and again that they can start gauging. 

How do ticket pre-sales line up with our advertising? And also how much of a marketing push or pullback do we need to do in case it doesn’t meet expectations? So it’ll be interesting to see what exactly happens here. But on January 9, it’s almost here. 

The final trailer is coming and Marvel is set to kick it off with one of their biggest films that they’re promising is going to be huge and impact everything in the MCU.

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 Obviously, with Kang at the center of it, I think the trailer is going to have to more or less hammer that home, being like, hey, remember how we announced the Kang Dynasty? 

This is Kang. You need to see this. And I think they’re banking on a lot of that. So don’t be surprised if this new trailer or final trailer is heavily Kang-centric. That’s at least what I’m predicting. We’ll see if I’m right in just a couple of days. Really? Or a few days? Few.


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