Hulk's Son Skaar Revealed as a Young Adult

Hulk’s Son Skaar Revealed as a Young Adult

Hulk’s Son Skaar Revealed as a Young Adult

Marvel Studios has revealed the age of Hulk’s son, Scar. And good luck figuring this math out or exactly what they’re talking about, because none of it makes sense. Literally none of it. Like, none of it. This is worse than the Sony screwup at the beginning of Homecoming.

So, just a quick recap. The Hulk was taken off of Earth in 2015, and we catch up with the character in 2017 for Thor Ragnarok. And then, of course, there are still the missing five years. 

Hulk's Son Skaar Revealed as a Young Adult

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But we can all assume because we can use our brains, that scar the son of Hulk was somehow right. We can all understand this conceived during his time off of the earth, hence why he’s in space and hence why hulk had to go to space to try to get him.

 So if that happens, and the MCU is currently optimistically in 2026, and Hulk was out there in 2015 to 2017, that would roughly place the age of the character between the age, let’s just say eight to ten. Right? Okay, that works well, 

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not so fast, because one of the artists from Marvel Studios released the final design that they ended up going up with, talking about the concepts, the ideas, and what they were going for. And he says that in the iteration we got in the MCU, the scar is 17 to 18 years old. Now, if we just factor that in, that means the scar was conceived

sometime before the events of The Incredible Hulk. Okay, that doesn’t make sense. Now, the only thing I could see here, and this might be the one is only thing I can think of. 

And that’s the fact that time moves differently on Sakar. So his aging 18 years in the span of nine to ten years could obviously be for various reasons. One is that, again, aging is different and time runs differently.

Hulk's Son Skaar Revealed as a Young Adult

There also whatever was happening with the Grand Master, who we assume is probably one of the people that sent the ship after Hulk, trying to get the warning out there, try to get him to take notice. I mean, that’s the only thing I can think of. And then this also works in their favor, if you really think about it.

They don’t have to have Scar be like a nine-year-old and then have him grow over the course of the next ten years. The next time we see him, he’ll be like, what, 20 years old, maybe, in World War Hulk, and then he’s more just rage-filled and doesn’t know how to control himself and kind

of just lets loose and is a lot more savage. The testosterone, everything running through your body during that age, I think that would kind of work. 

So maybe that’s the reason they’ll explain it like that. Because currently, if they don’t explain that it’s the time passing differently on the planet, which we all just assume kind of happens all the time, then it’s kind of a bad explanation in a big old plot hole.


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