How is Black Widow battles The Leader in the MCU

How is Black Widow battle The Leader in the MCU

How is Black Widow battle The Leader in the MCU

With the leader set to take on Captain America in Captain America’s New World Order, many people wonder, are they going to explain the whereabouts of the Leader during his entire giant missing gap of time in the MCU? 

How is Black Widow battles The Leader in the MCU

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A little-known thing that most people have forgotten is the Marvel comics that are actually in continuity with the MCU. And in one of them, they follow the events of The Incredible Hulk, where Black Widow has already taken care of the Leader and managed to put him in a containment cell tube thing.

So the MCU has done a pretty great job of catching people up on events that happen sometimes offscreen or even going back to previously mentioned events and elaborating on them further. 

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Now, when it comes to The Incredible Hulk, the ending of that film obviously sees the Hulk’s kind of runoff. Abomination is captured. But what of Samuel Stearns, the leader? Well, after all that brain juice ends up seeping into his head, it’s an agent of Shield.

 Natasha Romanoff, that’s sent in to actually apprehend Samuel Stearns. She ends up shooting out his knee and then takes him into custody, where then we see him in what do you call these things? Back to tank. There we go. Use the Star Wars knowledge there. 

So they put him in a back Tank, and then he’s kept alive. So obviously, in the MCU cannon, black Widow’s already faced off against him. Now, again, she didn’t just end up shooting him directly in the knee. They do have a bit of a scuffle in the comic, but I didn’t put that in here. Just kind of redundant. 

But, yes, they go hand in hand, so it’s going to be interesting to see what exactly they say happened with the character. We’ll see maybe in the same facility where they kept Abomination. We’ll see in one of the many Shields.

How is Black Widow battles The Leader in the MCU

 Facilities that ended up being torn apart or confiscated by the likes of Hydra. Again, it could really be anything. Or maybe they’ll just never bring it up. I mean, they don’t really have to like, you don’t have to reference these little things, but it’s just kind of cool to know that, yes, 

there’s been history, and maybe one of the reasons he wasn’t active for so long is because he was in custody thanks to Black Widow, which is why nobody questioned his whereabouts. 

So, yeah, there’s some pretty cool trivia. So next time you’re overhearing some people that don’t know what they’re talking about, talking about the MCU, you can jump in there is like, do you know that the Leader actually appeared off-screen in the comics? Yeah, I’m the cool guy that knows that chick magnet.


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