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How a globalization partners Works

How a globalization partners Works

The traditional way of expanding globally doesn’t work anymore. Here’s why. Let’s say you want to hire one person in France. Seems simple, right? First, you have to set up your own subsidiary or branch office in the country. 

How a globalization partners Works

This means you’d have to find a local lawyer, payroll company, and accountants. Then you’d have to wait until your entity gets a tax ID number and a bank account. Is your entity in compliance with local labor laws? Are you sure? 

Finally, in six months or so and after several thousands of dollars and thousands of emails, you may be able to actually hire and run payroll in the country. Unless your employee hasn’t already found another job. 

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That’s why Globalization Partners set out to build the world’s only truly compliant global PEO. We already have our own business infrastructure in place around the world which we use to engage your global workforce on your behalf. We have locally compliant employment contracts and infrastructure ready so we’ll get your international employees.

How a globalization partners Works

signed onboarded and working in days, not months. Work with us and you’ll experience all the gains of cross-border expansion with none of the pain of globalization, we manage the risk of taking your company global. You manage your business.

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