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Henry Cavill Was Not Fired | What is Henry Cavill doing now?

Henry Cavill Was Not Fired | What is Henry Cavill doing now?

People have been very upset with James Gunn. Why? Well, because he fired Henry Cavill. Except, no, he didn’t. James Gunn says, I didn’t fire him because he was never rehired. You’ve been lied to. Listen to James Gunn. I know you fired him. All right, hold up, hold up.

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Seriously, what is it with people? They tend to believe just random things, but they won’t believe official words. So this whole story comes off of a way back with Black Adam. Henry Cavill is back. He’s got a contract he’s contracted for three films. Six films. No, he’s going to be here forever. 

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Again, none of this was confirmed. It was all insiders and scoopers. So James Gunn wanted to clear this recently, and he said, there’s no truth to it. I didn’t fire Henry Cavill. I just didn’t hire him because he was never hired. He revealed that Henry Cavill was never back. 

Henry Cavill Was Not Fired
Henry Cavill Was Not Fired
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This was just something that happened as a one off. And they were formulating a plan with The Rock as sort of, I guess, the shepherd of whatever was going to happen. But then, ultimately, James Gunn and Peter Saffron got the job, and they said, none of that. We’re doing something completely different. So we’re not going to give these people new contracts or whatever was promised, because that’s not our goal. 

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So, technically, yeah, he is right. Henry Cavill was never hired or rehired. And realistically, I think we’re past that now. What’s it been, like, three or four months since this old DCU thing? People are still mad at James Gunn trying to get Netflix to buy the Snyder verse, which they clearly don’t understand the logistics of how these things work, but it’s good to just have confirmation. 

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Don’t be mad that I never kept him around or fired him because he was never hired. You were lied to. I guess, technically, don’t be mad at James Gunn. Be mad at the other person who told you that they were actively rehiring him when they didn’t.

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