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Henry Cavill wanted a John Williams theme

Henry Cavill wanted a John Williams theme

The post-credits scene for Black Adam that saw Henry Cavill return with a brighter suit, the curl in his hair, and of course,

 the iconic John Williams theme was all at the request of Henry Cavill himself. It looks like he’s dead set on delivering the Superman that the fans of the comics and scenes, superman, and the lowest wanton live-action film form.

Henry Cavill wanted a John Williams theme

I was starting to wonder why so many people were upset at Henry Cavill showing up as Superman. I mean, I was excited 100%. My favorite part of Black Adam, I absolutely love the post-credits scene or mid-credit scene, 

whatever you want to call it. I mean, just hearing that iconic music, seeing Henry Cavill in a new suit that’s definitely more saturated, and you can tell it’s closer to the vibrance and colors of, 

I would say, Superman and Lois and what they do in the comics. And of course, seeing the hair curl, it was all there. And recently, reports came out that when Henry Cavill agreed to return, one of his requests was, 

 want to do it like this. No more themes that we used previously. I don’t want to wear the same exact suit, and I want to look more like Superman. 

So, yeah, honestly, I think it speaks to Henry Cavill being a fan of Superman again. I know it’s already happened out there. You guys have probably seen it. He’s been called a traitor, a betrayer of Zack Snyder and

his iconic vision and so many other countless things. But let’s be real. Henry Cavill always, in interviews, 

expressed how he wanted Superman to be. And if we look at Superman so far in the DCEU, unfortunately, the most accurate comic-like version we’ve gotten is Joss Whedon’s Superman, 

which is saying something, considering that Henry Cavill Lampley returned to do those reshoots. So I think it’s quite apparent that Cavell wants to be Superman as Superman was in the comics, and I’m excited about it.

Henry Cavill wanted a John Williams theme

 I just hope that whenever they do more with him, whenever that is, whether it’s the sequel to Man of Steel, more Justice League cameos, or whatever, 

the director in charge respects what Henry Cavill wants and delivers to us the Superman that the comic fans want. That’s honestly all I really want, which is why I love Superman and Lois so much. 

It has darker tones and visual cues from what they do in the live-action, but at its heart, it’s comic Superman literally jumping out of the pages. 


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