Henry Cavill Talk openly on Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill Talk openly on Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill Talk openly on Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill finally opens up on all the rumors in regard to his return to Star in man of Steel Two and potentially more sequels involving multiple DCEU projects. 

He teases and lets us know that there are definitely things in the work, but it’s still a little too early to commit it to anything, at least in terms of what he’s allowed to say.

Henry Cavill Talk openly on Man of Steel 2

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So this comes at us directly from Henry Cavill himself, who was in an interview with Kelly and Ryan, and he talks a little bit about the ideas behind a man of Steel Two.

 And of course, he’s talked about this before in interviews where he says originally there was plans to make more man of Steel sequels, but for one reason or another, 

which has been very documented, that never ended up happening. He says he cannot officially say anything right now, but there are always talks, 

and there’s always murmurings that are out there. Some are true, some aren’t. But again, he can’t commit to anything right now. But then he did say it’s been quite a long time. 

And there’s been quite a few things in development. And there’s been quite a lot of chatter with people at DC and WB over the course of the years that he was absent and now that he’s back. 

He believes that there are multiple things in the works. And it’s thanks to The Rock and their own agent. Because they share the same agent. Things are moving forward. That things are happening. 

And that his future as Superman is bright. Whether that’s more standalone films. Big crossovers. Or other things that they have in development. 

Henry Cavill Talk openly on Man of Steel 2

So being honest with you guys, I think he legally is not allowed to say anything. One, 

because NDAs but two, I don’t legitimately think he knows, because obviously, now that James Gunn is running everything, 

things are going to be a little bit different. So whatever they might have committed to, things can always change. Plans can change. 

Ideas can change and evolve. And ultimately, you’ve got to assume that one of their big goals is multiple justice leagues, 

because you want that Avengers money. You need it. You’re chasing it. That’s like the whole thing, right? So they need to be looking at the bigger picture.

 And the bigger picture is, we want Avengers money. But to get there, you do need standalone projects. We all understand that, right? Man of Steel Two seems like a solid project to get your bearings,

 to kind of gauge interest, to obviously put Superman front and center again. And they’re still Wonder Woman. 

Who knows what happens with Batman? So you got to kind of assess the whole situation, and hopefully, they figure something out sooner rather than later. Later. And I do think Henry obviously knows more than these lighting on, but as always, as I said, plans can change. So he doesn’t want to say, oh, it’s happening, and then it doesn’t because they pivot. Then everybody looks dumb.


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