Henry Cavill is back as Superman

Henry Cavill is back as Superman

Henry Cavill is back as Superman. But as it turns out, this wasn’t the case. Just a few short months ago as the man running DC Films, walter Hamada, actively tried to prevent the return of Henry Cavill. And, yeah, 

Henry Cavill is back as Superman

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he’s going to get a lot of hate for this, but if you weren’t his position of looking at what was happening, you would have done the same thing. Let me explain.So, yes, Walter Hamada

the man who is largely in part right now of DC Films and has been since 2018, actively tried to prevent the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. One, due to the asking price, which we know is really high,

 it’s about five to 8 million per appearance. And then if you compare that to somebody like Robert Patson into Batman, who has paid only around one 5 million, you can understand why Walter didn’t want him back. 

Now, on top of this, I also do want to and make no mistake, I do not like Walter Hamada. I’m just trying to, from a business standpoint, explain to you what he was looking at right before we started to hear about all the cancellations. In the last two months

Henry Cavill is back as Superman

, WB had two active Superman projects in the works and was already looking at a potential new Superman to reenter the DCEU at a cheaper price. So three new Superman actors on top of the one on TV, from his standpoint, 

they were already filled to the brim with Superman, and he could not justify the price

when the stock and everything was tanking. Again, I don’t like the man. I think he’s very problematic, but I understand his stance point.

 But now that we started to see all they’re canceling all these Superman projects. They don’t want to do this. They’re trying to rebuild the universe. You can see why now Henry Cavill is back and why, more or less, 

The Rock is responsible for it. And also how Hamado looked at everything Snyder did and was trying to undo it because it didn’t deliver the goods that he was hoping for, that he himself sold investors on. So he was being blamed a lot for the downfall of Justice League, Batman, 

Henry Cavill is back as Superman

be Superman and everything else, because he was the man at the helm. So you kind of get it again. Was it a dumb choice to not bring back Cavill? Yeah, 100%. Should have just negotiated very early on instead of firing him and brought him back

. But they had other ideas, and once those ideas fell through, well, bring them back, because we got nothing else.


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