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Henry Cavill Fired, Superman Being Rebooted

Henry Cavill Fired, Superman Being Rebooted

Well, guys, here’s some big breaking news related to the future of Superman. And coming at us hot off the presses is the news that Superman is officially being rebooted by DC studios and James Gunn.

Henry Cavill

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And this will be a story that’s more akin to an origin and will feature his early days in metropolitan.

Well, guys, this news is coming at us from Variety and they report that officially metropolis is going to be the place where we’re going to see Superman next.

In his early days of his career, James Gunn has announced that he is writing a new feature film around Superman. And this new project will also not feature Henry Cavill.

This was confirmed by Variety, but also James Gunn officially announced it. And this is going to be something different. He said that there will be more news coming soon, but obviously this is now confirmed. Superman is officially happening. It is a reboot. No. Henry Cavill. That’s the confirmed details.

Now, again, what does this mean for the bigger picture? We don’t know what’s the big plan, what’s the overall plot and idea is going to be. It’s still way too early.

Again, they made this announcement because today’s article by Variety on the Batman, they’re obviously trying to cut off of everybody before we get to more rumors and speculation that could be true or untrue. And some people even believe that this could be a way for them to throw off the Batman rumor by announcing this, which again, maybe there’s something to that, I don’t know.

But it’s very interesting. And it’s going to be interesting to see what exactly they do here because again, it’s a new Superman. We just had Superman story on TV. We had Henry Cavill’s, which was a Metropolis reboot.

Henry Cavill Calls Superman Comeback

Right. Let’s be clear about that. That is what it was. It’s essentially a film that was just set in Metropolis largely after he finishes his searching. So whatever they decide to do, we’ll obviously keep guys updated. We’ll have our opinions and everything. But I’m pretty sure this is going to cause a lot of people to be angry and there’s going to be a lot of things that are coming out over the next couple of weeks to months.

So we’ll talk more about it. But this is honestly not the news I was expecting tonight while sitting there watching AEW. But this news always hits at weird times. So here we are.Let me know your guys feelings on this.



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