Henry Cavill Calls Superman Comeback

Henry Cavill Calls Superman Comeback

Henry Cavill says Superman Return is Top Moment in His Career. It’s kind of awesome to be talking about Superman in the DC Universe being played by the actor who originally played the character and not some sort of random standing stunt double or whatever else they were planning.

Henry Cavill Calls Superman Comeback

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So let’s talk about Henry Cavill talking about the best moment of his career year and it’s returning to put the suit on officially.

So this came at us recently directly from Henry Cavill who got interviewed by Josh Horowitz, and he was talking to him about his big return as Superman and of course the post-credits scene of Black Adam and what that was like,

that experience and all that. And Cavell says that despite everything he’s done in his career, obviously the first time he put on the suit,

the first time he got cast as Superman when he got cast as Geralt of Riviera in one of his favorite franchises of all time, the Witcher,

nothing compares to the time when he was officially brought back. Got to put the suit on and record the post-credits scene for Black Adam. He says that that was the best moment of his career and nothing can and will ever compare to it because for him,

He never thought he would get here and he never thought he would get to wear the suit that he got to wear for the first time once again. So when it all came together and he stood there and realized, I’m back.

I’m back as Superman, I’m back as the man of Steel, I’m going to be Superman in this universe once again. And I have a new deal, that it officially brought things all the way back around. And again, he does say it’s nothing against the other roles he’s done in franchises,

but this is one of those things that’s very special to him because let’s all be real. Without man of Steel, he would not have gotten on the radar as much as he did. Without the popularity and what happened to him with the DC Universe,

Henry Cavill Calls Superman Comeback
he never would have landed the Witcher gig. So things lead to one another and finally getting so much popularity online and becoming this guy that’s awesome to interview who just has a passion for all these franchises.

Ultimately they saw that the fans supported him coming back and him going back to the studio and almost a decade later putting on that suit again and going after a decade, I’m back and this is it. This is my future. That’s pretty awesome. It was just great to hear Cavell was happy

about Superman again for the first time in so long. Really like what? Five years? Just awesome to hear that he’s so happy to be Superman once again and that the future looks bright.

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