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he Flash star Ezra Miller Facing up to 26 Years in Prison & More

he Flash star Ezra Miller Facing up to 26 Years in Prison

Well, guys, we got a pretty major update on the Ezra Miller situation when it comes to their actions, what they’ve been doing and being held accountable for them as the Flash Star has been back at WB, 

shooting parts of the Flash as part of the reshoots. There was of course, pending leads, legal cases and court dates. And now we have one coming at us where if the Star is convicted, could face up to 26 years in prison.

he Flash star Ezra Miller Facing up to 26 Years in Prison & More

So the latest case against Ezra Miller was one that we heard about for a while as the Star as a residence in Vermont. 

We know that there was a lot of things happening in that part of the state and it’s been all over the news and honestly. It’s almost hard to keep up with what happened. Where and what was going on. But on top of multiple things that were happening in Vermont in relation to out of state people that were a mother. 

Underage people. Things with firearms. Cases involving whatever else. There was also burglary charges that were a felony. And what made things worse was the fact that when it came to the person accusing Ezra of these, 

there was video evidence. So this court date had to happen. And this is the incident that we heard about on May 1 where Ezra Miller allegedly broke in, stole a bunch of things, including Wicker, and then left. But this was all caught on camera.

 So many people were wondering whether Ezra was actually going to show up for this court hearing. And now we

heard it from the rap first here at the CBC, but it’s obviously hit the news elsewhere, including the local news in Vermont, and that’s the fact that Ezra Miller has pled not guilty. But again

 there’s obviously evidence here, but you have to plead not guilty because then if you want to walk yourself into a plea deal or some sort of agreement, you can. And then you’ll plead guilty, 

but you’ll serve less time or do whatever. But out of this we found out that if Ezra Miller is found guilty, they would face up to 26 years in prison and a fine. 

Now, again, the fine is whatever, it’s Hollywood, it’s pocket change no matter what it is. The bigger deal here is obviously the prison thing and this is going to hang over Ezra in every single thing involving the Flash moving forward. 

he Flash star Ezra Miller Facing up to 26 Years in Prison & More

This will get brought up because now this is hit mainstream possible jail time. Again, this isn’t common, this is a big deal. Right now. I’m going to be honest and cynical with you here. They are giving away scotfree.

If anything, they’ll do the bare minimum. That’s a punishment and that’s going to be it, because we just saw what happened with Alec Baldwin and the whole situation with the gun going off. Oh, look at that, 

they reached a monetary settlement and finally it’s all good, right? It’s all behind them. It’s cool again. This is hollywood. Money talks. Protecting the start at all costs is the name of the game because you have an end goal where you need to make billions of dollars. 

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. But my guess is this ends up being nothing. And the smallest amount of punishment that they can dish out will be what they dish out. And we’ll see what happens next if Ezra Miller faces the consequences. 

Or not. And what happens. But I’m assuming this is going to be one of those cases that continues to linger for a while and puts a very bad shadow on The Flash.



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