First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed

First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed

With Avatar Two. Clearly a big hit. We are already starting to learn details in regards to the plot of Avatar Three. This specifically comes at us from a brandnew interview with James Cameron conducted by a French news outlet and he reveals that the third film will be about the fire natives and the fire Navi.

First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed
First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed
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So again, this interview had to be obviously translated from a French outlet. But the whole core essence of what he talks about is hyping up the future of Avatar and what happens next. 

And of course the story that happens in the second film, which obviously puts a lot of pressure on the Navy and of course they’re definitely teasing the return of the humans to try to conquer again Pandora and try to take all the resources and of course the brand new resource

. And what’s this going to do to the family since they’re probably going to be on the run? Well, this is where Cameron confirms that the essence of the third film will be the Navy that we follow, specifically Jake and the family and them going to explore other different cultures and again move their family. And he said that it will focus on the fire people, 

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which he calls again, according to the translation, the Ash people. And he said that the one thing he wants to do with the third film is really focus on the diversity and the biomes

that are present and, of course, showing us the effects that the different biomes have on different biology. Which, again, makes sense. If you watched a second film,

 you obviously see that the sea creatures and everything is completely different than some of the stuff we already saw when it came to the first film, because, again, you adapt to your environment. 

First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed

So again, it’s going to be very interesting to see how exactly they tackle this and what the overall purpose is going to be. Because let’s be real, if the whole plot is hey look, Stepan Lang is back and he’s going to attack you again. 

So you just got to move from this biome to the next one. That’s again the same thing. They can’t repeat the same exact plot from the second film to the third one and then just have like, 

I don’t know, a 15 minutes montage of Jake and family talking to Sandworms or whatever he’s going to put in the desert. And I think a lot of people are still going to have a lot of questions with many of the unanswered

questions from the first and second film, which only get a brief mention here, specifically the connection to everything and how that’s going to play out. 

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So I think the third film is probably going to have to do something a little bit more with that as well, which obviously they’re not really confirming or anything like that, but I’m 100% interested. 

Again, I love the second film. It’s my third favorite film of the year after Redacted and Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness. 

First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed

So I can’t wait for more. I’m just excited to see more biomes, more of this stunning world and how the CG and everything’s going to evolve and how far they can really push this sort of story that sounds the same again. Maybe I’m just judging it a little too early. Maybe there’s going to be some sort of crazy twist we don’t see coming, which, you know, James Cameron has been known for that in history when it comes to films and flipping the script. So I guess we’ll see.


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