Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast

Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast Or MCU Human Torch

Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast Or MCU Human Torch

Here we are again. Is there a brand new star that’s making waves in Hollywood? Technically, for this metaphor, I guess he’s making flames in Hollywood.

Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast Or MCU Human Torch
Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast Or MCU Human Torch
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Yeah, look, I’m not gonna metaphors, but yeah, Austin Butler is the latest this guy is probably going to be Human Torch since the last guy, the kid with the mustache from Stranger Things and Power Rangers. I don’t remember his name, I’m sorry.

 I think his name was Billy and Shane. Stranger Things. Max’s brother. Yeah. Just who is Austin Butler? Well, he’s 31 years old, he’s from Anaheim, California, and he’s the latest indie big name of, I guess, actor superstars in Hollywood that’s being fan casted and rumored for just about everything.

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 I think most people will know him for quite a few roles, specifically Elvis and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Most notably, we also know that he will be in the upcoming Dune Part Two, which honestly should excite many people, including me, since while the first Dune is a masterpiece, so hype. Anyways, though,

the recent rumors are suggesting that Austin Butler has been in talks or is possibly already joining, or has joined the Fantastic Four reboot as the Human Torch.

 How did I just mess up saying Human Torch? My God. Literally, you heard it. The t was right there and I just fubbied it. Man, what a botch. Anyways, though, here’s a good piece of art from Clements Inc. Over on Instagram who does some really good fan art, and I suggest you guys go give him a follow. 

Anyways, though, yeah, there are a lot of rumors that he might be joining, or again, has joined, and honestly, I think he would be a good get. He’s right at that point where he’s not going to be too expensive and he’s also not overstaying his welcome. And people aren’t sick of him yet. 

And I’m going to bring up Tom Holland as an example. People now, the moment they hear Tom Holland start rolling their eyes, or even Timothy Chalamay, because they’re literally joining apparently everything, and they’re everybody that every studio is after.

If there’s a potential casting role, they say, we want X-type, and it’s always those two names. He hasn’t quite hit that yet. And I think if either company, especially Marvel, 

Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast Or MCU Human Torch
Elvis Star Austin Butler In Talks To Cast Or MCU Human Torch

can lock him in, I think this would be a huge get because the fanbase is only growing and it hasn’t hit that tipping point where it’s obvious that, oh, now he’s going to be everywhere. He’s over-saturated. And I think that’s the big one here for me.

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 I certainly think if they get him, they’re gonna go in a younger direction. And again, 31 isn’t necessarily super young, but he doesn’t look 31, in my opinion. Before I looked up his age, I honestly thought he was like 25, 26-ish right there into the Tom Holland range. 

And if you do enough, obviously just make him shave. You can make him look like he’s 1718 years old. The younger brother and he can last for quite a long time in the MCU, especially with makeup and what they do these days with camera techniques and post-editing and all that. So honestly, in my opinion, if this

rumor is true that he’s cast awesome, he would make a great Human Torch. Look at that. I didn’t even need a second take. This time on Human Torch. I got it right out. Go me. Go me. So, yeah, what’s your guy’s take? Would you like to see him as Human Torch? Or you got somebody else in mind? Let me know down below.


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