Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch to Team Up

Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch to Team Up With the Wolverine & Deadpool

Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch to Team Up With the Wolverine & Deadpool

In a brand new interview with Variety that happened right after the announcement that Wolverine was joining the MCU and that he and Deadpool are teaming up. 

Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch to Team Up

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Elizabeth Olsen opened up a little bit about her wishes, and she’s very excited about this idea she really wants to team up and see the characters together.

So, again, this was an interview done with Variety and Elizabeth Olsen, obviously, she knows a small degree of the character’s history, 

knowledge and everything based on the mutants and the Xmen. And again, before you call her out or hate on her, actors aren’t required to know everything, guys, right? We went over this. They’re not Meganors.

 This is their job. They’re hired for the job. They do what’s asked for them and then they go on to another job. They don’t have to live this life. They’re not obligated to be the character. But she does have some extensive knowledge.

 And when asked about the whole Hugh Jackman thing and him joining Deadpool three, she was excited and expressed her interest in teaming up and working with the character and 

specifically seeing how the characters would interact because you have connections between these characters that are deep. And she did mention that obviously if you look at the Fox franchise, they have a whole universe over there with a character like

Quicksilver exists in both. Obviously, we saw Quicksilver well, the actor who plays Quicksilver, Evan Peters, plays Ralph Boner, who was a fake Quicksilver, but they teased that they could still reckon that. So who really knows? Either way, though, you get the sense that what she’s saying is maybe jumping on over there and exploring a dynamic or maybe she could play a version of Scarlet Witch in that universe, 

right? It is the multiverse, so the possibilities are all there. She could play a variant, they could have fun with that, and maybe she knows something more than she’s letting on, which a lot of these actors always do.

Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch to Team Up

 But in my opinion, I think for a while, you should just kind of sit back and let the fans imagine everything and just keep dropping hints and build up expectations. But don’t overdo it.

 Don’t promise the sun and then deliver the moon. You got to kind of be smart about this. And the beauty of Deadpool is you can have Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool literally in a video,

just sit there and go, hey, we added Elizabeth Olsen and she’s going to be tagging along as a multiverse variant. And people would be like, see? Telling the truth? I don’t know. I think you got to play with expectations like that.

 And even if it’s not true, eh, Deadpool did it. He was just having fun lying. It’s acceptable. 

So I think this is the one instance where they could use this type of marketing where Elizabethan is like, oh, I’d like to team up with these characters and use that to their full advantage. Even if it doesn’t happen, you can lean into it.



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