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Dua Lipa Is Suffering After the Breakup

Dua Lipa Is Suffering After the Breakup

Dua Lipa is still learning to live after her breakup with model Anwar Hadid. She hasn’t been around other men in almost a year. Dua says she doesn’t know if she’ll find the right partner. So has Lipa lost her faith in true love and his unWA’s mother to blame for their split? Reportedly, 

Dua Lipa Is Suffering After the Breakup

the hitmaker was the one who initiated the relationship. Dua was first a friend of Anwar’s sisters, supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, and that’s how the lovebirds met each other. 

In one interview, she said that after their first meeting, shady M. Don. Is that how the relationship started? No, we actually met at a barbecue. Okay. It then carried on after a couple of online chats. Things really started to heat up between them. They had a string of romantic dates and became really close. Dua even began to spend a lot of time in La. 

Near her beau, creating her native London. And after dating for less than three months, the couple moved in together. Their romance definitely became a relationship goal for millions of

the singer’s fans. She and Donaire not only shared their glamorous public appearances but also their cutest, normal moments. They were having fun, cooking, going for walks, and trying out new hobbies together. When the two adopted a puppy, it seemed like the last piece of the puzzle was put in place. 

Dooleyba shared that their relationship was the inspiration behind her most successful creations. The music video for her song Levitating featured her boyfriend.  I was like, I need to be able to portray this feeling. 

After two years of dating Anwar Dua, Lipa got very close to his family. She spent a lot of time on their farm and went on holidays with the model’s mother and siblings. It seemed like the singer was practically a member of the Hadith Klan. However, at one point, things between the couple seemed to have cooled down. Allegedly, they lived separately in different countries for a few months, so word spread that they were no longer

together. Later, an insider confirmed that the couple really needed to spend some time apart.  The source said it was because of conflicting schedules, but previously, the pair had always found ways to prioritize each other despite their jobs, which take them all over the world, so that reason seemed like an excuse. 

Moreover, in one of her PostBreakup interviews, DOA Lipa said that no one knows what’s happening behind closed doors. That comment caused lots of speculation. One of the main reported reasons for the breakup was Hadid’s mother’s toxicity. 

Dua Lipa Is Suffering After the Breakup

Yolanda is known for ruining the relationships between her two daughters and their boyfriends, so she also could have gotten in the way of unwarranted Dora’s love. And the many photos of Yolanda third willing with them can prove it. People on the Internet wrote, with the way Yolanda Hadid is behaving dua lipa needs to be wary. That family is giving off bad vibes. Duff

had to fight Yolanda for Anwar’s attention, and she lost it for two years. She’s brave. Later, a source close to Duolipa confirmed that the singer really suffered from Yolanda’s constant pressure. Anwar’s mother was snooping around that relationship all the time. 

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Allegedly, she even tried to interfere in Dua’s career. Nevertheless, the problem may not just be your London. Anwar may have the same control freak traits as his mother. Some sources say it’s quite possible that he limited his superstar girlfriend. Hadid’s fans have been pushing him to do it.

That is not said that Anwar should tell DOA she shouldn’t wear such revealing clothes. They also weren’t happy with her hot dancing on stage. Don’t they know that’s what makes Libra who she is? The singer neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. However, in a subsequent interview, she stated that she had always felt anger toward the patriarchy. 

She added, I just never liked boys telling me what to do. To add fuel to the fire. Sources close to Hadid said that their relationship wasn’t as smooth sailing in real life as it appeared on social media. There were a lot of ups and downs, so perhaps Zoo Lipa just had enough of the drama. 

No matter how much she loved Danois. Whatever the reason, Lipa seemed to be deeply damaged by their split. She hasn’t moved on from the breakup. Almost a year later. These days, Zoo spends her time alone. Instead of going out and meeting other men, she says that she goes on dates with herself, watches movies in the cinema, or goes out for dinner. 

It was my New Year’s resolution to go on the cells date, not because of the company I’d be keeping, but in fact the lack thereof. The singer explained that she can’t imagine a man by her side. And when asked about a man, Dua answered roughly that talking about relationships in her podcast, Libra shocked her fans even more. Maybe having this, like finding the one, maybe isn’t the thing for me. 

Natasha and S can’t believe that the singer doesn’t want to find her Prince Charming. When she was with Anwar Hadid, she seemed to think the opposite. She constantly said that love is the feeling that inspires her the most. After moving in with him, Dua said she felt more comfortable than ever.

 So many of her fans think that this breakup has made her lose hope in true love. Or maybe she still believes Anwar is her only one. Perhaps it’s not even the end of the romance. Sources close to the stars have just reported they are taking a break. 

So it is quite possible that Dua and Anwar are really working on themselves to rebuild their union. It seems now that there are no feuds between Lipa and the Hadid family. Even though she hasn’t been spotted with Anwar, the singer is still friendly with his sisters. 

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She also told Vogue in an interview that she and Anwar have amazing memories and experiences together, so maybe there’s still a chance for them. But right now, Joelippa is concentrating on her career. So at this point in her life, she physically doesn’t have

time to build a healthy relationship. Every day I wake up, I do what I love. I’m really passionate. I work my ass off. You know, I, in some ways, am quite selfish because I focus on my work so much. Dua recently claimed she’s using this time without a boyfriend to find herself. 

Dua Lipa Is Suffering After the Breakup

She says she’s really enjoying figuring out her real passions, desires, and dreams. The next chapter of my life is about truly being good with being alone. Finally, at just 27, dwelling BAE is young enough not to care about settling down with one man. She has more than enough great people in her life with whom she can feel very at ease. And the most important thing is that she builds a great relationship with herself. It’s okay to be good on your own.


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