Dua Lipa Is Suffering After the Breakup

Dua Lipa Car Collection | dua lipa net worth

Dua Lipa Car Collection | dua lipa net worth

I want to create a track that can truly connect to everyone. The English model, singer, and songwriter du lipa has broke records today in the music industry. At just 27 years old, she collaborated with a variety of artists such as Sean Paul, del baby, and Miley Cyrus.

As of today, the pop star has a reported net worth of $40 million, which is pretty insane, saying it allows her to buy some sexy cars that match her style perfectly. So today on the celebrity cars, let’s take a look at dua lipa’s car collection.

Dua Lipa’s Car Collection | dua lipa net worth
Dua Lipa’s Car Collection | dua lipa net worth
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To start off, dua has been the official face of the English luxurious brand Jaguar for a couple of years now. Her personal jag is a type convertible, which looks super good.

D-type is a series of sporty two-door, two-cedar grand tours made for people that enjoy sensations, a beautiful design, a sonorous engine, and plenty of driving character.

While it was previously available with a turbo four or a supercharged v six, it now comes only with a supercharged v eight, producing either 444 or 575 HP. Even if she probably received it from Jaguar, so she doesn’t pay a penny, it’s worth $75,000.

Next up, the range rover is the most refined model of the land rover lineup, boasting a potent engine under the hood and an exceptionally plush cabin. This incredible SUV has been in Dulipa’s possession for quite some time, and she makes the most use of it.

The 50-liter supercharged v eight engine that powers the range rover vogue SV autobiography is capable of producing 557 HP. This engine is found in the range rover.

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Vogue SV autobiography. The incredible sport utility vehicle is priced at $250,000. Furthermore, the Mercedes G-Class is the largest vehicle in its class and has the maximum ground clearance. The g 550 that you see here is an offroad-oriented variant of the g glass that has had its exterior refreshed.

This Mercedes is a truly great addition to du lipa’s insane car collection. For her g wag, she had to pay about $150,000. It is possible that the Porsche Taygan, with its extravagant looks and all-electric drivetrain, is one of the most outstanding-looking and best-performing automobiles.

It’s also a worthy one that carries the Porsche legacy from the world of silky and fast internal combustion engine cars to the world of new reforms with advancements into the future.

Dua Lipa’s Car Collection | dua lipa net worth
Dua Lipa’s Car Collection | dua lipa net worth

With the all-electric drivetrain for the model, the takean is perfect as it got a 522 value of $100,000. Lastly, she got a special pink BMW five series. Her garage is filled with vehicles of every imaginable macon

model. The BMW five series is hands down the most stylish four-door car in this class. It may look wild and amazing on the outside, but underneath those wild and amazing looks is a powerful engine.

It comes equipped with 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine that has the capacity to generate up to 335 HP. This stunning car, which is a sedan can be yours for the sum of $52,500.

So as of now, Dulipa has a garage estimated at five cars, and the value of it is estimated at around $650,000.

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