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Does Will Smith have a car collection

Does Will Smith have a car collection?

Will Smith drives some insane cars in all of his movies. But what cars he actually drives and owns in real life by having a net worth estimated at more than $350,000,000 at the time of this recording, 

Does Will Smith have a car collection

will smith loves to spend his money on cars and motors homes, even if his son, Jaden Smith is all about ecologic cars like tesla. That’s not will’s case. He is obviously known for his role in the fresh prince of Belair, but also for bad boys or robots. So today on the celebrity cars, we’re gonna see will smith’s car collection.

To start off, he owns a couple of security SUVs, a suburban, an escalade, and also a Mercedes GL 450. Because he needs some comfort, one of his most loved ones has to be his 1965 ford mustang cherry red, one of the most iconic mustangs ever made. Her value is around $40,000 in the classics category.

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He also owns a 1998 bailey comp metal tea coupe, which was sold at auction in 2015 at a price of $120,000. Next up, he has a Maibach fifty-seven s, one of the most luxurious cars in the world with a price of $400,000. And speaking of luxury,

 he also owns a Rolls-Royce coast that costs around $350,000. And also has a bad azure convertible that he drives in Los Angeles for a price of around $370,000. Recently, Will decided to go a little electric, too, probably on advice from his son. 

So he decided to buy a BMW I eight hybrid, one of the most popular hybrid supercars right now, with a price of $150,000. And also a blue Porsche can, one of the fastest Porsches having 750, making zero to 60 in just two 6 seconds.

Does Will Smith have a car collection

Around $215,000 for that one. And lastly, his most crazy purchase, this one is not actually a car. That’s his giant RV motorhome, a two-story mobile mansion used by him as a movie trailer. This thing has more than 14 TVs, a lounge room, 

bathrooms, and more. All of this for a price of two $5 million. And will Smith also likes to go back to basics once in a while? He owns a Ford Taurus sh o that costs around $35,000. 

Will Smith has an estimated garage of eleven cars, including an RV motorhome, and the value of it is estimated at around four $5 million.

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