Disney's Bob Chapek and How He Was Fired Without Notice

Disney’s Bob Chapek and How He Was Fired Without Notice

 Disney’s Bob Chapek and How He Was Fired Without Notice

We have some more details on Disney giving the boot to former CEO Bob Chappeck and how it literally came out of nowhere, how he and everybody else was more or less blindsided by this, and how they essentially told him, don’t show up to work tomorrow.

 Disney's Bob Chapek and How He Was Fired Without Notice

So this comes at us from The Hollywood Reporter, who again updates the story, talking about the fact that the decision to out Bob Chapek literally came at like the 11th hour and only a few top people knew about this.

It was something that they were discussing for a while and they decided to make this call once Bob Iger agreed to come back and they go on and kind of talk about what their sources told them and the best way they can describe it is insane.

They say, he didn’t get to say goodbye. He didn’t get to say, I have decided to step down. He didn’t get to say anything. Essentially what happened was they called shape right before the press release was sent out across the entertainment industry.

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And within several minutes after the call that was sent out and they told him, you are out. Don’t try contacting us if you want to talk to us. Tell your lawyers to talk to our lawyers. There will be no statement. There’s going to be no comment, no nothing. It was just complete insanity the moment it happened.

So, again, he didn’t know this was coming. That’s what we’re talking about here. He was literally going to get ready to go back to work on Monday morning, but the call came in and they just told him, don’t bother showing up.

We’re not telling you what happened, we’re not telling you about the decision. Nothing. You’re just out. Iger is back in. We suggest you don’t do anything but contact lawyers. And essentially what happened was a quick bloodbath. That’s the best way you can describe this.

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Essentially, they just did not want him to be able to do anything, release a statement or anything. If they were going to announce it the next morning, it was make the call, the article is going up the moment we hang up.

There’s no time, there’s no discussion or anything that just tells you about what they perceived of his time in the last year as the CEO. And let’s be honest, the first decision he made was a completely baffling moronic move that involved the Black Widow and Scarlett Johansson.

 Disney's Bob Chapek and How He Was Fired Without Notice

And even at that time, we all looked at and said, this guy is going to be outed. This is completely idiotic. And sure enough, a little over a year later, here’s where we are.

And honestly, can anybody say anything good about cheapeck? We all saw what he was going to do. Everybody called it, he did it. And then we’re acting surprised, like nobody should be surprised by any of this. The dude was just not the man for the job.


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