Disney revealed Michael Rooker is back as Yondu

Disney revealed Michael Rooker is back as Yondu

Marvel Studios and Disney officially revealed the first trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special. And as it turns out,

 the rumors we heard previously are true because Marvel Studios and Disney confirmed it. Michael Rooker is back as Yondu.

Disney Confirms Michael Rooker is back as Yondu

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    Did you really think that James Gunn was going to put out a brand-new project and not have Michael Rooker in it? Come on. Come on.

 But yeah, Disney and Marvel Studios decided to just confirm it. So essentially what they did was go on and list all the actors appearing in the upcoming holiday special. They, of course, list everybody we saw in the trailer. 

You got Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, and Karen Gillen. We got Vin Diesel, of course, Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, and Kevin Bacon. And then they also confirm that Yondu, played by Michael Rooker, is in that same exact listing,

 which honestly doesn’t worry me at all. I’ll be right with you. If anything, I’m going to guess it’s a flashback sequence to when he was first abducted and how much he missed Christmas.

 But he never got to be given a Christmas by the Ravagers or something. And then hence why the plot unfolds with them wanting to give Quill a Christmas. Finally, I think, honestly, it’s just a flashback. I don’t think there’s anything more here.

There has been rumors that this film could be part of the whole multiversal thing, or this short could be part of the multiversal thing, and he returns to the multiverse again. Maybe, but I think that would just be a little too convoluted and complex and to, hey, let’s just bring him back and have him in the next film. 

Because why not? That seems to let’s take the stakes out of the last film out again. Maybe that’s just me.

Disney Confirms Michael Rooker is back as YonduDisney Confirms Michael Rooker is back as Yondu

 Maybe that’s how they’ll do it. I don’t know. Scoopers are the ones that said multiverse, so who knows? 

But I’m guessing it’s just a flashback and I’m not too worried about it taking the steam out of his death or anything. But I guess we’ll see. We only have like a month to go, so we’ll know soon.



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