Did they say Wakanda Forever in Black Panther

Did they say Wakanda Forever in Black Panther

Did they say Wakanda Forever in Black Panther

It is hard to believe that Black Panther Wakanda Forever is almost here. We’re going to be watching the film very soon and see how exactly they pick up the pieces in regard to everything that the film has to address while also building up the future of the MCU.


Did they say Wakanda Forever in Black Panther

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 One of the biggest factors related to all of this is, of course, the passing of Chadwick Bozeman, aka T’Challa, and we’ve heard a lot about the emotion on set. 

Now we hear from the star of the film herself Tisha Wright, who says that she dedicates every single scene she was to Chadwick and hopes that her performance delivers.

You know, this isn’t the first time we are hearing something like this and it’s certainly not going to be the last time. And I don’t want to just put the focus on the passing of Chadwick. 

And this has been stated plenty of times when it comes to actors passing and then the rest of the cast and crew even needing to finish a film or do sequels. And how they say that they really

 want to honor the actor that passed and they really try to add emotion and they feel like that they can because obviously, they lost somebody in real life. So they start dedicating the film or their scenes to the specific actor. 

This happened with the sequel to The Dark Knight after Heath Ledger. This happened with the Fast and Furious franchise where we heard the stories about how Vin Diesel has a dorm room where he believes he can talk to Brian,

 aka Paul from the afterlife, and he’s the one that told him to try to bring back the rock and everything. In this instance, we hear from Letitia when she said on the set

of the film it was so emotional that they were missing a family member. So she felt like she really had to step it up and dedicate every single scene to the memory of Chadwick and

 all the people coming in to watch the film because they are going to expect to see them pay tribute and deliver the same type of emotion and performance that he did in 2000 and eighteen’s Black Panther.

 So she says that her hope is that she could make him proud and that everybody else will be proud of what not just she did,

 but everybody, because she truly believes that they’re putting their best foot forward from her to the rest of the cast and crew,

Did they say Wakanda Forever in Black Panther

 to the newest addition to the MCU family, like Dominique Thorne, who is playing Rearie Williams. They all are dedicating this to Chadwick because they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his stellar performance and the original Black Panther. 

And I think once she kind of explains that and goes a little bit more into it, you start to understand what exactly she’s saying.

This film is a tribute and they hope that it honors everything that Chadwick did and enabled with this franchise.


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